Alex Ross Could Not Be More Right

There’s a wonderful article by Alex Ross in the May 16, 2022 edition of The New Yorker where the author declares the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra (SDSO) is one of “America’s Boldest Orchestras.” Granted, he roped me in right out of the gate by framing the piece with a comparison of SDSO’s budget and the salary of Chicago Symphony’s music director. The South Dakota Symphony Orchestra, the musical pride of Sioux …

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Alex Ross Couldn’t Be More Right (again)


The 6/25/2014 edition of The New Yorker published an article by Alex Ross which examines the Metropolitan Opera’s (Met) ongoing “Klinghoffer” saga. Ross adds yet one more prominent voice of reason to the growing chorus of negative feedback surrounding the Met’s series of executive decisions that produced their decision to cancel the opera’s broadcasts. At the same time, Ross adds an additional bit of observational insight that connects “Klinghoffer” with the …

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Alex Ross Couldn’t Be More Right


In an 11/25/2013 article from The New Yorker, the ever sharp Alex Ross vents some frustration toward the Minnesota Orchestra Association (MOA) leadership, the growing difficulty of mid and smaller budgets org to pull funding from the name brand institutions, and the ennui that is political concerns about culture. Ross doesn’t mince words and goes so far as to accuse the MOA management of “stoop[ing] to ruthless union-busting tactics” and calling …

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Alex Ross Couldn't Be More Right

Social media and discussion boards associated with the field are abuzz over a recent advertisement for presidential candidate contestant Rick Perry who demonizes homosexuals serving in the armed forces over the soundtrack to what sounds a lot like Copland’s Appalachian Spring. And just in case you miss the irony, Copland was…(wait for it)…a homosexual. I could continue but there’s nothing I could write that would add to what the…(wait for it)…unparalleled …

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Alex Ross Is Absolutely Right

The 2/3/2010 edition of the New Yorker published a piece by Alex Ross that examines attendance trends throughout the nonprofit performing arts. Unlike most of the shoulder shrugging set in this field, Ross decides to look at the issues in practical terms and concludes that in order to begin attracting members from Generation X to replace those from previous generations, it will take far more direct contact and one-on-one efforts. I …

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