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A 9/25/21 Facebook post from conductor David Leibowitz caught my eye because it’s hard to miss something that begins with “Dear Met Opera: F*** you for your incredibly horrible online ticket purchasing site.” The full post provides more context: Dear Met Opera: F*** you for your incredibly horrible online ticket purchasing site. Timing out before one can pay is not good customer relations. I guess that when you don’t give a …

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#TBT Beware of the “Music Police”

Adaptistration People 016

As a follow-up to the 5/20/19 article about whether orchestra music librarians should be in the collective bargaining agreement, I want to reach way back to something written by the late Leonard Leibowitz in 2002. If you aren’t already familiar with Len’s work, he was a fundamental force inside the world of nonprofit performing arts labor law specializing on the employee side of the equation. You’ll find him referenced and quoted …

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An All Around Day Of Downer News

A few items of note to point today: the first from Detroit where it seems like both sides in the Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO) dispute are having some trouble working through the necessary issues in order to even consider arbitration. And by trouble, I mean a continuation of the same fundamental separation on the most critical issues related to the season killing work stoppage…

Breaking News From Detroit: Musicians Propose Returning To Work

The Detroit Symphony Orchestra Musicians (DSO) issued a press statement at 1:00pm ET today stating they intend to hold a press conference at 2:00pm ET to announce that they are proposing to return to work under the conditions DSO management imposed in October that initiated the strike (last updated 6:50pm ET)…

Tangling A Web

The 7/14/2009 edition of the New York Times published an article by Simon Akam that reports Leonard Leibowitz, long time counsel to American Federation of Musicians (AFM) Symphonic Services Division, to AFM Local 802 (New York), International Conference of Symphony and Opera Musicians (ICSOM), and to numerous orchestras around the country, was arrested and charged on 7/14/2009 with embezzling approximately $150,000 from a union representing dancers and stage managers at American …

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