More Developments In Venezuela

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The 6/10/2017 edition of the New York Times published an excellent article by Ana Vanessa Herrero and Nicholas Casey that provides additional details about the ongoing protests in Venezuela and how music is playing an increasingly important role. It’s important to make time in your schedule to stay on top of these developments as the increase of El Sistema related participants in protests is not something to overlook. In this piece, …

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Venezuelan National Guard Smashes Protester’s Violin

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Last month, we learned about Wuilly Arteaga, a 23 year old protester in Caracas, Venezuela, who was plays his violin during demonstrations against government crackdowns. On May 31, 2017, the young musician had his violin smashed by a Venezuelan National Guardsman. BBC, CNN, and FoxNews have published reports about the incident and it appears that during a protest, a guardsman approached Arteaga on motorcycle, wrestled his violin away from him and …

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The Role Of Music Inside Venezuela’s Unrest

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The 5/4/2017 edition of NPR published an article by Anastasia Tsioulcas that reports Conductor Gustavo Dudamel decision to take a public position on the recent unrest in his native country, Venezuela. In his letter, Dudamel calls on government leaders to cease acts of repression and the cycle of increasing violence that recently resulted in the death of a violinist and aspiring medical professional. My entire life has been devoted to music and …

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Venezuela Part 4

The Partial Observer published the final installment in my series of articles about the astounding program of classical music in Venezuela. This concluding article examines some of the issues surrounding whether or not a program like this could be successfully implemented or not in the U.S.

Venezuela Part 3

The Partial Observer published the latest installment in my series of articles about the astounding program of classical music in Venezuela. This latest entry focuses on the program’s artistic accomplishments and is well worth the time to read.


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