There’s A Reason Why So Many Of The New Model Discussions Are Dead-ends

We hear the term “new model” so often these days that it almost guaranteed to produce eye rolls, sighs, and mass shoulder slumping. But I’m going to let you in on a little secret: all but a handful of new-model conversations are really just the same old-model wolfs in new-model sheep’s clothing. Simply put, those old school discussions are more about gaining dominant control than sustainability, structural deficits, artistic excellence, or …

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Reader Response: “You want specifics about work rules? I’m not sure why.”


It has been a very long time since a reader comment has been posted as a formal entry but a recent comment to the discussion thread from the 3/26/2013 article about the San Francisco Symphony work stoppage deserves the attention. For the sake of perspective; although this reader did post under an anonymous moniker, s/he did go through Adaptistration’s regular vetting process and at the end, it was clear that this …

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Minnesota End Game

My Inside the Arts blogging colleague, conductor Bill Eddins, recently reminded me why it’s wonderful to be associated with a collection of sharp, insightful authors. Eddins published an article at Sticks and Drones on 12/3/12 that appears to be his final word on the Minnesota Orchestra Association (MOA) labor dispute. His sayonara post is brutally honest, yet brilliantly written, advice and insight for each of the intuition’s stakeholders. One aspect Eddins …

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No Confidence Vs. Full Confidence


On 11/27/2012, the musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra issued a notice that they had unanimously voted No Confidence in Minnesota Orchestral Association (MOA) President and CEO, Michael Henson. Although the measure requires no contractually obligated action on part of the MOA board, it does escalate the tone of an already bitter dispute. Although the musicians have a long list of reasons to justify their vote of No Confidence, they did not …

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How About That, Everything Isn't All Doom And Gloom

Of course, the field is filled with success and growth and it seems that the latest installment comes by way of an article from 8/15/12 in that focuses on recent growth at the Seattle Symphony Orchestra (SSO). The article, written by David Brewster, examines new artistic initiatives from the new music director, Ludovic Morlot, as well as increases in ticket sales and donations. What makes this good news story worth …

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