Adaptistration Turns Eight – Woot!

One of the best things about getting in on the ground floor is there never seems to be any limit on where you can go. For example, since 2010 Adaptistration brought an official editorial cartoonist on board and increased overall visits by a whopping 61.98 percent. If fact, we had to upgrade our server to accommodate the traffic and it’s looking like another upgrade will be necessary before the calendar year …

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To Strike Or Not To Strike

When the Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO) mess started to unfold, it seemed as though we wouldn’t have to have some of the rudimentary conversations that typically accompany work stoppages, such as the purpose of strikes and lockouts within the context of the orchestra business. As it turns out, we do…

It’s Always Nice To Be Noticed

“You might love him or loathe him, but you read him anyway”. That’s about the best way I can describe Norman Lebrecht to anyone that is unfamiliar his writing, and given the fact that he is based in the U.K., not everyone in the U.S. is aware of his distinct brand journalism…

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