Musician Dress Codes: The Topic With Staying Power

Overcoming tradition combined with the challenge of practicality conspire to produce increasingly elusive solutions when it comes to updating musician dress codes.

Adaptistration People 128Having said that, it’s always a bit irksome is when groups attempt to address the issue by throwing money at it in the form of custom designs.

Yes, it’s fun to play what-if dress up with foundation dollars and quite a few of those projects over the years have produced some genuinely creative results. Unfortunately, none of them have been practical or affordable.

Nonetheless, better options are clearly rooted in a more practical approach. The problem with being practical is it means allocating time to slog through a good bit of mind-numbing detail and research.

In the end, ideal outcomes focus on not only stage appearance and artist comfort but how easy and/or affordable it is for substitutes to meet those requirements.

One notable advancement in this area is from the Seattle Symphony and a recent article by Holly Mulcahy at Neo Classical not only examines this topic but it includes Seattle’s actual dress code from their collective bargaining agreement.

Can We Update Our Look To This Century….Please.

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