That Time When You Had A Realization

After 18 years, 10 months, 17 days, and 4,821 posts it’s time to wrap things up. I was listening to the original Broadway cast recording of Hamilton and the track One Last Time came on. If you’re unfamiliar with the song, it’s a conversation between George Washington and Alexander Hamilton where Washington informs Hamilton about his intention to not seek re-election. The two go on sing about Washington’s desire for Hamilton …

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Back Next Week

I’m away for a short vacation and decided to take a few extras days off from blogging as well but I’ll try to be back on Wednesday, September 14, 2022. Once things are back up and running, we’ll be examining the decision by one professional orchestra to begin charging audition fees and hopefully have enough data to publish the compensation reports.

Happy Labor Day! Now Get Your Binge On

Take a moment to treat yourself today and get to learn about ins and outs of orchestra management from a humorous perspective by binge-reading all 157 episodes of  Who’s Minding The Score?, a satirical cartoon that provides a behind the scenes look orchestra life. It’s the ideal way to spend some of your Labor Day, really, just take a look at some of these characters… [easy-tweet tweet=”I’m spending part of my Labor Day reading …

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Cornering The Content Market Before It Knows It’s A Market

Back in December 2021 Carnegie Hall launched Carnegie Hall+, an on-demand streaming service. While you would assume their content would focus primarily on events at the venue, you would be correct, but they are also presenting recorded performances of artists that simply performed at Carnegie. It’s understandable if that seems like an odd area to focus until you look at the way mainstream streaming services approach content. Simply put, having more than …

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Traveling Artist Housing Takes A Big Step Forward In San Francisco

Artist housing is a topic long time readers know we cover every few years and over all this time, the idea has yet to catch on. At the same time, the need for affordable musician housing at summer festivals and regional orchestras is stronger than ever. Having to rely on the largesse of patrons to provide housing is not a long-term solution and the latest jump in hotel and Airbnb rooms …

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