That Time When You Had A Realization

After 18 years, 10 months, 17 days, and 4,821 posts it’s time to wrap things up. I was listening to the original Broadway cast recording of Hamilton and the track One Last Time came on. If you’re unfamiliar with the song, it’s a conversation between George Washington and Alexander Hamilton where Washington informs Hamilton about his intention to not seek re-election. The two go on sing about Washington’s desire for Hamilton …

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Cornering The Content Market Before It Knows It’s A Market

Back in December 2021 Carnegie Hall launched Carnegie Hall+, an on-demand streaming service. While you would assume their content would focus primarily on events at the venue, you would be correct, but they are also presenting recorded performances of artists that simply performed at Carnegie. It’s understandable if that seems like an odd area to focus until you look at the way mainstream streaming services approach content. Simply put, having more than …

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A Cautionary Tale And A Bad PR Look In One Ugly Package

The 8/16/22 edition of the Buckeye Flame published an article by Ken Schneck that reports on a lawsuit filed against the Cleveland Orchestra (CO) and Business Administrators & Consultants Inc (BAC), CO’s contracted healthcare administrator, for discrimination after they refused to cover a necessary surgery. According to the plaintiff, Rem Wransky who works as a full stack developer for the orchestra, the organization denied her surgery because she is a trans woman. …

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That Hidden Bird Cost Will Get You Every Time

Sure, building a new hall is an exciting and terrifying endeavor that can propel an orchestra to new artistic levels and provide a venue that serves as one of the city’s crown jewels. But they never tell you about the bird cost. Case in point, the 5/13/2022 edition of The Tennessean published an article by Kirsten Fiscus that reports on the Nashville Symphony’s efforts to prevent migratory birds from roosting in …

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The Value Of Tours In The Post-Pandemic Environment

At the end of 2019, Jeremy Reynolds wrote an article for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that examined the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (PSO) European tour at that time. Fast forward to 2022 and the PSO is heading back out on a nine-city European tour and Reynolds is along for the ride and processing everything from this new vantage point. He sets up what will be a series of tour articles by asking questions about …

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