Some Thoughts On Positive Change In The Wake Of the #MeToo Movement?

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Vu Le posted an intriguing article at NonprofitAF that provides some straightforward suggestions for what organizations can do and the nonprofit field as a whole should consider. We must examine power dynamics in the perpetuation of sexual harassment. We must create an environment that is safe for our staff, volunteers, and community members. Board members must understand their roles. We must be willing to lose donors, even major ones, who are …

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How Recent Changes To The US Tax Code Introduce Risk To Orchestra Labor Relations

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An article by Daniel Braden in the 2/11/18 edition of the Morning Call examines how recent changes in the US tax code will have a decidedly negative impact on orchestra musicians classified as employees (as opposed to self employed contractors). The author is a former tax consultant specializing in serving musicians and according to his analysis of the new laws, employee classified musicians are going to lose the ability to deduct …

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Embrace The Don’ts

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If you keep an eye on listings at, you’ve probably noticed the uptick in listings over the past few weeks. With each new wave, I’ve always found it fascinating to see what sort of language job descriptions (JD) include. As it turns out, Joe Patti had a post on that very topic at Butts In The Seats from 1/31/2018 that examines a JD from the Armed Services Arts Partnership. Nothing Ambiguous …

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So…About That Misogyny

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Just a quick thought exercise post for today. Consider this: in the wake of the #MeToo movement, how should performing arts organizations handle content that was created during the age of rampant misogyny and sexism? Opera is almost certainly the tip of that spear and a recent article in The Economist started asking many of the questions surrounding this premise. While that post approaches the issue mainly from whether parents should …

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Where Did I Put Those Grumpy Pants?

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Douglas Rosenthal published a delightful article at Who’s Your Audience? that puts a fun spin on the traditional New Year’s resolution theme by coming up with a shortlist of things he doesn’t want to hear you talking about connected to the classical music field. Admittedly, I write this post wearing my Grumpy Pants. But I’m also donning my Optimism Cardigan. I challenge you not to love anything following that. Rosenthal’s quartet …

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