Boston Symphony Pushes Back Against Allegations Of Sex-Based Pay Discrimination

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The 10/5/2018 edition of the Boston Globe published an article by Zoë Madonna that reports the Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO) has decided to play hard ball and push back against principal flutist, Elizabeth Rowe and her lawsuit alleging sex-based pay discrimination. You’ll find a detailed breakdown of Rowe’s complaint in an article from 7/13/2018, so if you aren’t already familiar with the allegations, that’s a good place to begin. Breaking Down …

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The Orchestra Musician Job Offer: “No” Is An Option

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It’s no secret that orchestra musician positions are highly competitive, even at ensembles that pay less than living wage. The statistical likelihood of becoming the finalist and receiving a job offer is, at best, dubious. Nonetheless, just because you end up with an offer doesn’t mean you should automatically accept. I’ve lost track of how many musicians I’ve worked with over the years who ended up regretting a decision to accept …

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The Arts Admin Job Offer: Know When To Walk Away…And Know When To Run

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If I had a nickel every time I’ve seen a good manager leave the field because s/he walked into a toxic environment that burned their spirit to a crisp, I could have retired by now. Simply put, that fire under your current frying pan may be hotter than you think. As a result, it’s a job seeker’s responsibility to do their own due diligence before deciding. Nothing Replaces Due Diligence At …

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No One Really “Wins” A Job

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It’s funny to see which habits I internalized from my academic years as a music performance major stick with my vocabulary decades past the decision to pivot away from that career path. For example, it doesn’t matter if we’re talking about an arts administrator being the finalist for a new position or a musician being the finalist in an audition, I often refer to that scenario as “winning a job.” The …

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Don’t Wait, Register To Vote Now!

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We’re rapidly approaching the November 6, 2018 election and if you haven’t registered to vote or need to update your registration info, don’t put it off until the last moment. National Voter Registration day was Sep. 25 but that doesn’t mean it’s too late. You can kick off the registration process at or, check your local state’s reference information, or look on Facebook to see if you have a …

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