Even The Corporate Sector Is Acknowledging The Role Of WorkPlace Satisfaction

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Just a quick pointer today to an article in the 8/19/2019 edition of the Washington Post written by Kena McGregor that reports on changing attitudes among top for-profit CEOs toward the singular goal of shareholder profit. You don’t need very much experience in this field to know that nonprofit arts and culture boards have been increasingly focused on adopting similar zero tolerance policies toward balanced budgets in the name of institutional …

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The Latest #MeToo Installment

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What more is there to say about #MeToo revelations other than cautioning against becoming numb. To that end, the 8/13/2019 edition of the Associated Press published an article by Jocelyn Gecker that reports on allegations from multiple accusers that Placido Domingo would “pressure women into sexual relationships by dangling jobs and then sometimes punishing the women professionally when they refused his advances.” The extensively researched article does a good job at …

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Define That: Total Fiscal Transparency

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There’s a fascinating article by Charles T. Downey in the 8/12/19 edition of Washington Classical Review that examines the ongoing Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (BSO) lockout. Downey suggests that in order for the organization to maintain artistic integrity while addressing existing economic conditions, the BSO’s executive leadership must “establish total financial transparency.” That’s a superb suggestion and one that has certainly assisted with not only resolving pending labor disputes (Metropolitan Opera Orchestra) …

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Curtis’ Latest Efforts In Crisis Management Feel “Really Hollow”

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After a wave of public push back against how it has been handling allegations of sexual abuse and impropriety, the Curtis Institute continues to work their crisis management skills toward changing public opinion and shift the narrative. Earlier attempts to assert control over the narrative were met with displeasure from alumni, one of which (Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra cellist Bronwyn Banerdt, Curtis, ’08), wrote a scathing opinion piece for the Inquirer’s 8/2/19 …

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Stop Spoiling The Newbie Concert Experience

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It should come as no secret that we can be our own worst enemies when it comes to turning off new concertgoers and no stakeholder is immune. Moreover, it never hurts to remind ourselves what we can do to avoid these bear traps and to that end, violinist Holly Mulcahy recently published an article that touches on some of the more common ways stakeholders can make new concertgoers feel like their …

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