#TBT Straightjackets Of Our Own Design

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It never ceases to amaze me how often missed opportunities are a feature, not a bug. Here’s an example: Tuesday’s post about influencer marketing generated a user email that asked a great question. As a musician I share Holly’s aversion to comps, though, I use them when available. The ‘influencer’ model seems well-suited to the single ticket, brand building world. Another model I’ve tried to encourage would be, instead of comps, …

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When Sanctity Risks Becoming Sanctimonious

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The 5/19/18 edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer published an article by David Patrick Stearns that reports on a Philadelphia Orchestra concert being disrupted by protesters demonstrating against the orchestra’s decision to carry out their upcoming tour of Israel in the wake of deadly violence along the Gaza border. What caught my eye was Steans’ account about how the orchestra’s music director, Yannick Nézet-Séguin, handled having the concert disrupted when protesters interrupted …

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Lack Of Inclusion Reaches All The Way Up To Big Money Donors

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If you’ve had a heart-to-heart with a fellow nonprofit performing arts manager that operates in the Silicon Valley area, you probably got an earful of cathartic grumbling about how disengaged the tech sector is from philanthropic giving. The 5/14/18 edition of The Atlantic published an article by Alana Semuels provides one of the most comprehensive examinations to date on why this is such a problem. This article does a superb job …

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Love For Three Logos

Just because we’re in a music related field doesn’t mean we should skimp on graphic design. To that end, one of my favorite rabbit holes to lose time in is logo design. During a recent site update for one of my clients, conductor Bruce Anthony Kiesling, we managed to work a version of his logo into the mix we haven’t been able to use since the original design process several years …

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Valuating Art and Culture

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Just when I thought my day would be filled with nothing but mind-numbing quantitative tasks, Joe Patti comes along and makes me think. Case in point, he published a fascinating post yesterday examining the value of Arts and Culture to society. Specifically, he pushes back against the what has arguably become one of the cornerstones in valuation conversations: economic impact. [British philosopher, Dr. Julian Baggini] cautions that even framing the arts in …

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