There Are No Toxic Avengers

The 3/15/2021 edition of the New York Times published an article by Julia Jacobs that reports on the beleaguered Metropolitan Opera’s efforts to wage labor war on multiple fronts. Spoiler: it’s no better than where it was a few months ago. Having said that, there was one piece of news that should draw attention. Over the past year, 10 of the orchestra’s 97 members have retired. At just a hair over …

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When “Repressed Joy” Is Your Brand

There’s an absolutely fabulous video making the rounds at Instagram featuring comedian Kimberly Clark in a segment about orchestras…and Gustavo Dudamel. She has quite the fan-crush on Dudamel and while her set is pure gold, there’s more going on that should get your attention. Clark explains how much concerts move her and there’s real sincerity in her delivery. She really likes the way Dudamel’s hair bounces around too but just when …

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Quickbooks Rolls Out Fee Increase During Pandemic

Quickbooks sent users an email on 3/10/21 notifying them the ACH (Automated Clearing House) payment option that allows clients to pay invoices with funds directly from a bank account was going from a no-fee payment option to charging a one percent fee. Even worse is they are only giving users one month advance notice. As a Quickbooks users, I as pretty upset when this email arrived and immediately called their billing …

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Something Else To Consider In The Larger Oberlin PR Crisis

Diversity driven PR crises seem to be all the rage these days. Just when you thought things were settling down following the Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields’ “white art audience” fiasco, something new pops up from Oberlin Conservatory. In case you missed it, here are the highlights: Oberlin Conservatory designed a flier for “A Celebration of Black Artistry,” a virtual performance ending Black History Month that included headshots for five of …

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Collective Action In Action

The Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields’ PR crisis has turned into full-blown stakeholder collective action. In the morning of 2/16/21, the Indianapolis Star’s Domenica Bongiovanni reported that 85 Newfields employees and board members released a public statement calling for president Charles Venabl’s resignation. One day later, that’s exactly what happened. If that weren’t enough pressure, the 2/17/2021 edition of the New York Times reported in an article by Sarah Bahr …

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