Nothing Says Safe Like Floor Stickers (Seriously)

The ever thoughtful Joe Patti published one of those right topics and the right time posts at ArtsHacker that examines the value of thinking about updating your venue images now that we have some vaccinated light at the end of the pandemic tunnel. Even pre-Covid the general guidance for promotional images and text was to focus on the audience experience. Regardless of whether the venue you perform/show your work at is …

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The Difference Between Per-Service and Salary-Based Musicians

Following yesterday’s article that referenced per-service and salary-based musician employment, a number of readers reached out asking about the difference. To that end, I’m certainly guilty of assuming too much from time to time and this is decidedly one of those issues that can be very confusing if you aren’t already familiar with the distinction. What’s A Service? Within the context of professional orchestras, a service typically consists of one rehearsal …

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Get The Right Microphone To Fit Your Needs

There’s a great article from Adam Molina on that walks you through all of the considerations for selecting a microphone to use when creating online content. It’s clearly written in response to the uptick in organizations and individuals joining the ranks of online content creators. As a result, it’s an excellent mix of ground floor understanding and technical considerations to help you match a microphone with your usage and budget. Plenty of …

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The Stupid Simple Way To Schedule Online Meetings

For the past few years, I’ve been using the online scheduling app Doodle to arrange meetings across a group of participants. Given that it wasn’t something that happened on a regular basis, I never took the time to look at other options. Then Covid-19 came along and some of Doodle’s pain points became more apparent. As a result, I started researching other options and the obvious choice became clear in short …

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Commentary: A Question Of Just Cause For Discipline Or Discharge In Minnesota

Adaptistration Guy Trumpet

On Saturday, 12/2/17 the Minnesota Orchestra presented a concert featuring a guest artist known for writing music inspired by politics, his passion for opera, love, and family relationships. During the second half of the performance, the artist addressed the audience expressing concern over the recently passed GOP tax plan. Before his address to the audience was complete, the orchestra’s principal trumpet decided it offended his political sensibilities to such a degree …

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