The Orchestra Website Reviews

The Orchestra Website Reviews were an annual series published each fall from 2004 through 2012. The final year installment was delayed and modified due to Orchestra Crisis 2012/13 throwing a particularly large wrench into the works.

Currently, the reviews are on indefinite hiatus as the amount of time to conduct a purely quantifiable review exceeds available resources.

Nonetheless, the reviews were instrumental in moving the orchestra field in a positive direction over a crucial transitional decade that witnessed the onset of digital marketing. They served as the gold standard for recognition and established clear best practices, many of which continue to be applicable to this day.

The Orchestra Website Reviews will always be one of the blog’s most influential series and proudest accomplishments.

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NOTE: There were no Canadian Website Reviews for this year.

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NOTE: More than half of the 2004 Website Review articles were lost in a server migration during 2006. Unfortunately, no copies of the original articles have been found.