A Sobering Reminder To Remain Vigilant

Even though they required patrons to demonstrate they were vaccinated, had recently had a Covid infection or had a negative Covid test a music festival in the Netherlands became a super-spreader event that led to 1,000 COIVD-19 infections. You can find details in an article by Holly Ellyatt in the 7/15/21 edition of CNBC.com. What jumps out is the realization that while the music festival went to great lengths to protect …

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Conservatories As Artist Management Generates Strong Responses

Yesterday’s post about conservatories and schools of music getting into the artist management game generated a great deal of fascinating feedback at my Facebook wall, the majority of which spanned a range of well-articulated concerns. You can join in on the conversation firsthand but here are some of the highlights worth sharing. One individual was concerned about this becoming the latest step down the path of conservatories becoming commercial endeavors: It …

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Things That Make You Go Buh?!? Conservatories Getting Into The Artist Management Racket

At first, I thought it might be a joke but sure enough, Norman Lebrecht’s post from 7/20/21 about Curtis Institute going into the artist management business is entirely legit. I still have nothing but unanswered questions about the San Francisco Conservatory acquiring Opus 3 Artists as some sort of value add for students and now Curtis is apparently getting into the game. On the surface, these decisions scream “bad idea.” But …

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Google Analytics 4 Is the New Coke Of Web Analytics

I’ll cut right to the chase: I’ve been telling my own clients to run parallel instances of their existing GA account alongside a new Google Analytics 4 (GA4) property because in case you didn’t already know, GA4 doesn’t import any of your existing data. That may change but as of now, it’s not a guarantee so running both at the same time means that even if you simply ignore the new …

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Well This Was Unexpected

Of all the news items I expected to see over the weekend, one that was no where near my radar was the surprise from Joshua Kosman reporting that Mark C. Hanson, CEO of the San Francisco Symphony, will step down from the position Aug. 31, 2021. “The San Francisco Symphony is a dynamic organization, and it has been a true honor to lead them through complex transitions and challenges,” he said …

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