You May Be Guilty Of Using Dark Pattern Tactics But Not Even Know It

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Dark Patterns are features of interface design crafted to trick your users into doing things they might not want to do, but which benefit your organization. There are 12 types of Dark Patterns and some are as straightforward as making it next to impossible to cancel a user account or making the unsubscribe link on emails difficult to find (or even link to pages that don’t actually contain unsubscribe functionality). I …

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Finally, Some Positive News On Music Licensing

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On 9/18/18, the Us Senate passed the Music Modernization Act (MMA) of 2018, S.2334, with unanimous consent. That’s not a typo, the Senate passed legislation with unanimous support, moreover, it was legislation addressing the way mechanical licensing works. In English, that’s the process used to make sure songwriters, producers, and engineers are paid royalties, how that money is collected, and how funds are distributed. Among the MMA’s numerous articles, are sections …

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Counting The Costs Article Has A Dedicated Home

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Ever since the updated version was published in March, 2017 Count The Costs; career cost of ownership for orchestra string musicians has been an enormously popular blog post. So much so, that I decided to convert it to a dedicated microsite at The microsite format provides a number of new user experience enhancements, not the least of which is a fixed side navigation to easily move from one section to another. If …

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The Music Of Star Trek Podcast Is On Its Way To Becoming A Thing

Good news everybody! After a thorough round of due diligence, it looks like the costs related to making the Music of Star Trek podcast a regular series is something that falls well within reasonable crowd sourcing goals. Among the larger expenses are those related to licensing and let’s face it, a podcast about the music of Star Trek would really suck without being able to, you know, include musical excerpts. And …

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Women Pioneers Among On-Stage Musicians

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Recently, I read an essay by Nancy Fako that recounted her experiences as one of the early women to win a position in the Boys Club brass sections of 1960 era large budget orchestras. It’s a great essay (something I hope will be published here soon) but it made me wonder about similar women musicians who earned positions during that era and braved the gauntlet of sexism and discrimination. I posted …

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