Got Caught Up Playing Hero

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Sometimes forest fires drop right in your lap. Sometimes they have sacks of revenue attached. But really, some of the most satisfying projects are all about high-pressure deadlines and in the end, helping good people accomplish something meaningful is worth those grindstone burns. When it comes meaningful tasks, web accessibility compliance always crosses the worthwhile threshold. All of that is a roundabout way to say I’ve been preoccupied the past 24 …

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#TBT A Messy Mystique Of Our Own Design

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In the wake of the Metropolitan Opera’s PR disaster that is the James Levine disgrace, the field as a whole has a debt to pay with owning up to and dismantling the Maestro Mystique culture it worked to build and perpetuate over the last 70 years. There’s a superb article in the 3/13/18 edition of the New York Times by Zachary Woolfe that examines this very issue. For those unaware, conductors …

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Is Your Website WCAG 2.0 Compliant?

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A recent conversation with a colleague reiterated the importance of confirming whether your organization’s website has any requirements to comply with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 standards. If you aren’t already familiar with web accessibility standards, drop by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 site. Although not overwhelming, there is a good bit of material there, some of which you’ll need to speak with your developer about. At the same time, …

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Net Neutrality Ends April 23rd. Here’s What You Should Do To Prepare

Recent last-ditch efforts to block the repeal of net neutrality in the Senate have failed (be sure to hold your senators responsible if they voted against protecting net neutrality) so barring any unexpected developments, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has ordered net neutrality to end on April 23, 2018. Here’s what you should do to prepare. 1) Don’t Panic 2) Be Proactive 3) If You Use Providers: Start Communicating 4) If You …

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A Free Resource For Professionals Getting Started With Google Analytics


I’ve just returned from presenting alongside Ceci Dadisman, at the Southeastern Theatre Conference 2018 Convention on how to use Google Analytics (GA) to make data-driven improvements to website content and layouts. The session was a hit and since it was geared toward professionals just getting into GA, content focused on using out-of-the-box GA features and straightforward settings changes to provide access to must-have data. In addition to the presentation slides, we designed a special …

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