Look At That, A New Old Logo

Carnegie Hall unveiled a new logo and branding content and at a time when most groups seem to be looking forward, they did an about face to settle with a copy and paste of existing designs. For the full logo, they kept it simple and went with a text-only version that uses the same font found in an original stained glass windows. While there’s claim that the new version added “bespoke …

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Eyes On A Singular Prize

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The 5/29/2017 edition of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) published an article by Corinne Ramey that examines a program from Carnegie Hall that takes music into New York’s juvenile-justice. What’s particularly interesting is Carnegie’s decision to go beyond simply performing and engage participants. Carnegie began its justice-system programs in 2009, as part of broader outreach work in homeless shelters, nursing homes and correctional facilities. Initially, participants watched performances, but staff realized …

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Is It Morally Praiseworthy To Do The Right Thing For The Wrong Reasons? (spoiler alert: no)

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Transparency within the nonprofit performing arts field has always been a troubling issue, in short, most measures fall far short of where they need to be and the byproducts are a string of internal abuses, financial mismanagement, cronyism, and even embezzlement. So whenever calls for increased transparency are heard, it should be a welcome message but it seems that an exception to the rule is unfolding at Carnegie Hall. In this instance, …

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