Cornering The Content Market Before It Knows It’s A Market

Back in December 2021 Carnegie Hall launched Carnegie Hall+, an on-demand streaming service. While you would assume their content would focus primarily on events at the venue, you would be correct, but they are also presenting recorded performances of artists that simply performed at Carnegie. It’s understandable if that seems like an odd area to focus until you look at the way mainstream streaming services approach content. Simply put, having more than …

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Look At That, A New Old Logo

Carnegie Hall unveiled a new logo and branding content and at a time when most groups seem to be looking forward, they did an about face to settle with a copy and paste of existing designs. For the full logo, they kept it simple and went with a text-only version that uses the same font found in an original stained glass windows. While there’s claim that the new version added “bespoke …

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Eyes On A Singular Prize

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The 5/29/2017 edition of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) published an article by Corinne Ramey that examines a program from Carnegie Hall that takes music into New York’s juvenile-justice. What’s particularly interesting is Carnegie’s decision to go beyond simply performing and engage participants. Carnegie began its justice-system programs in 2009, as part of broader outreach work in homeless shelters, nursing homes and correctional facilities. Initially, participants watched performances, but staff realized …

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Is It Morally Praiseworthy To Do The Right Thing For The Wrong Reasons? (spoiler alert: no)

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Transparency within the nonprofit performing arts field has always been a troubling issue, in short, most measures fall far short of where they need to be and the byproducts are a string of internal abuses, financial mismanagement, cronyism, and even embezzlement. So whenever calls for increased transparency are heard, it should be a welcome message but it seems that an exception to the rule is unfolding at Carnegie Hall. In this instance, …

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