Say What?

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There’s a thoughtful post from Joe Patti that goes a long way toward reminding us about the serious repetitive text syndrome problem that exists through most nonprofit performing arts fields. Patti’s article highlights sound bites related to education efforts and I wholeheartedly agree that’s one area where repetitive text syndrome is at its worst. Here are a few more that seem to so frequent, : “Each year [ORCHESTRA NAME] inspires, engages, …

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Eyes On A Singular Prize

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The 5/29/2017 edition of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) published an article by Corinne Ramey that examines a program from Carnegie Hall that takes music into New York’s juvenile-justice. What’s particularly interesting is Carnegie’s decision to go beyond simply performing and engage participants. Carnegie began its justice-system programs in 2009, as part of broader outreach work in homeless shelters, nursing homes and correctional facilities. Initially, participants watched performances, but staff realized …

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What’s Your Group Doing For Music In Our Schools Month?


March is National Association for Music Education’s Music In Our Schools Month, an annual celebration which, according to NAFME, “engages music educators, students, and communities from around the country in promoting the benefits of high quality music education programs in schools.” The National Education Association provides some useful teacher resources in the form of lesson plans but I’m curious to know what your group is up to for #‎MIOSM2016‬. I know …

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Some Good Thinking On How To Present Sensory Friendly Events

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When it comes to performing arts and inclusion, one of the more recent issues is introducing elements related to structuring events around attendees with disabilities or developmental differences, especially families with Autistic members. To that end, Sarah Marczynski published a wonderfully informative article at on 7/1/2015 about that very topic that does an excellent job at walking you though the topic if its new to you then diving into a …

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One of the reasons we have violence in the schools is we’ve taken music out of the schools.


Today’s title is a quote from legendary jazz artist Byard Lancaster who died in 2012 of cancer and in the wake of yet another school shooting tragedy, his quote cuts to the quick with the problems related to a society that sees culture as a luxury rather than a basic building block of becoming a happy and healthy member of society. Neo Classical’s author, Holly Mulcahy, wrote about this very point …

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