Why Orchestras Plan So Far In Advance

During my unexpected week off, Joshua Kosman published an article at datebook.sfchronicle.com that cast an eye toward the way orchestras approach programming at the onset of the last century. In a nutshell, seasons weren’t planned years in advance and programming choices happened within the current season. Kosman suggested this is exactly the approach organizations should adopt in a post-COVID environment. He included support for the idea from none other than San …

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Internalizing The Concept Of Equity

The more a work can reflect society from the time it was written and provoke thoughtful contemplation, the better. If the musicality and topic keep the piece on my mind for more than a week after hearing it, that’s a win. The more polarizing current events are, the more potential exists for a work to emerge that is capable of inspiring meaningful actions. If you subscribe to a similar outlook, then …

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There And Back Again, Performing Arts Edition

“Overnight we went from being a producer of live performance events to a digital content provider.” Those words were from a colleague back in March around the time it became clear the pandemic was more than a few weeks of disrupted event activity. And while those words are uneasy, he was saving the really dark part for effect. “And we have no f**king idea how to do that.” Don’t worry, this …

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Kareem Roustom’s New Work Leaves You Feeling Like A Better Person Than You Were Before

Adaptistration People 176

I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve written concert reviews and one of those is only because I was paid. In fact, over the past year, I’ve been in a profound state of burnout when it comes live classical music and with one notable exception, I’ve spent the 2018/19 season finding other outlets to fill my cultural tank. Until last night’s Grant Park Music Festival (GPMF) concert, …

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Branding A Concerto

Adaptistration People 120

I’ll be the first to admit my good fortune when it comes to having and insider’s view into some of my wife’s projects. One of the latest is a brand-new violin concerto written for her by award winning film composer, George S. Clinton. The concerto is unlike anything I’ve encountered; while it’s a formal violin concerto, it’s purposefully written in the style of an epic western film score. Consequently, George and …

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