Orchestra Financial Reports

In the spirit of promoting institutional transparency,the following list contains direct links to each orchestra’s financial reports page at GuideStar.org, a website that collects these documents to promote nonprofit transparency and to provide a central repository of nonprofit information that donors could use to guide their giving decisions.

All an organization has to do to take advantage of the resource list is:

  1. select the “View financial report” text which is linked to the respective orchestra’s GuideStar.org page and copy (Ctrl+C or “Edit/Copy”).
  2. paste it into any section of their website. Recommended areas include the main donation/support page, on the donation form page, and on the “about us” page.

If you only want the link URL and not the suggested “View our financial reports” text, just right click on the respective link text and then select the “copy shortcut” or “copy link location” command. This will copy the URL to your clipboard which you can then paste into your respective orchestra’s webpage. If you can’t edit your webpage content directly, send this page to your website manager and ask him/her to make these changes for you.

So, short of directly editing an orchestra’s website, this is the most amount of assistance that can be provided to improve institutional transparency with the least amount of effort. The only remaining component is for each group to post a link to their respective Annual Report.