#TBT Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Funding? (spoiler: yes)

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Joe Patti published a thought provoking piece at Butts In The Seats which examines the development of technology to support the arts, a topic near and dear to my own arts admin heart. The inspiration for his post came from the  Knight Prototype Fund awards announcement, a program I was keeping an eye on. Although the Knight Foundation has a good track record in supporting technology-based programs, they wouldn’t exactly rise …

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If Your Organization Uses Google Maps, Routes, or Places, You May Need To Begin Paying For The Service

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Good news and bad news: on July 17, 2018 Google’s new pricing structure kicks in for the use of Maps, Routes, and Places. Good news is it will go a long way toward ironing out a haphazard collection of existing APIs. Bad news is you’ll be required to create an account and a billing profile in order to use them. While most users will fall within the pricing plan’s free use parameters, …

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An Example Of Technology Straightjackets

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Last week’s post about limitations in many of the box office and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms that specialize in the performing arts field place artificial limitations on customer experience and revenue potential garnered some interesting direct feedback. Admittedly, I can get ahead of myself when it comes to creating a common frame of reference and several readers sent direct messages saying they couldn’t imagine what I was describing. Let’s take …

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#TBT Straightjackets Of Our Own Design

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It never ceases to amaze me how often missed opportunities are a feature, not a bug. Here’s an example: Tuesday’s post about influencer marketing generated a user email that asked a great question. As a musician I share Holly’s aversion to comps, though, I use them when available. The ‘influencer’ model seems well-suited to the single ticket, brand building world. Another model I’ve tried to encourage would be, instead of comps, …

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How to Avoid #SadStructuredData


In order to really maximize your content in Google search results, you should be taking advantage of structured data. If you’re curious about why structured data is important, the simple explanation is without it, Google can’t really distinguish if your event is an event, a blog post, a press release, or a general article. That means those cool event dates/times which automatically show up in search results won’t happen if you …

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