Google Analytics 4 Is the New Coke Of Web Analytics

I’ll cut right to the chase: I’ve been telling my own clients to run parallel instances of their existing GA account alongside a new Google Analytics 4 (GA4) property because in case you didn’t already know, GA4 doesn’t import any of your existing data. That may change but as of now, it’s not a guarantee so running both at the same time means that even if you simply ignore the new …

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Get In On The Ground Floor

Have you ever wondered why your ticketing system is so difficult to use? Do you get exasperated at how freaking hard it is to get the data you need from your CRM? Do you drain hours wondering why you’re forced to use annoying workarounds to sell something as basic as a flex subscription (and why there’s no flex subscription product to begin with)? I’ve been watching clients pull their hair out …

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Don’t Get Caught With A Deer-In-The-Headlights Response to Ransomware Attacks

We’ve examined how important it is for any nonprofit performing arts organization to maintain a data breach policy in the event the group becomes the victim of a cyberattack and the next step in that process is preparing contingency plans for a ransomware attack. Data breach policies are must-haves to protect organizations and their patrons when cybercriminals access a network to steal data. Ransomware attacks also focus on accessing a network …

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What Are You Seat Selection Pain Points?

Over the weekend, I posted a query on Facebook asking what sorts of pain points they encounter when selecting individual seats during the online ticket buying process. The feedback has been fascinating so I thought I would expand on that here with a survey. While I could populate the survey questions with options, I’m more interested in unfiltered feedback. As such, feel free to list as little or as much as …

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The Latest Data Breach

You may have received a data breach notice from an arts organization that uses Blackbaud products. Long story short, Blackbaud was the target of a ransomware attack where the criminals managed to make off with some user data. The League of American Orchestras notified individuals in their database who may have had Personally Identifiable Information (PII) compromised. According to that email message, this included information “such as your physical and email addresses, …

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