Creating A Good User Experience Doesn’t Have To Include A Fight

When it comes to the concert experience, it’s impossible for anyone inside the business to go through the process with new patron empathy. Everything from buying tickets online to the in-person event are designed by people with varying degrees of experience with the process. Granted, I’ve been focusing on these questions as they apply to the online process and much of that time is spent helping clients get past their own …

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The Cost Of Doing Business Online Is Going Up And It Has Nothing To Do With Inflation

While it may not seem like a big price increase, .com domain registrations and renewals are going to go up 6.9 percent. That’s likely just the beginning thanks to the sweetheart deal the company that owns a monopoly on .com registrations, Verisign, received from the Trump administration in the form of a no-bid deal that also removed decades long regulations that capped how much they could increase prices year to year. …

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Sometimes The Simplest Solution Really Is The Best

When it comes to some of the most important analytics tasks you should be tracking, the best way to go about it may actually be best served using simple solutions. During the 2022 Ohio Museums Association Conference session on Google Analytics, my co-presenter, Ceci Dadisman, was covering her section on how to go about creating Goals inside Google Analytics. This topic is something she’s written about as a stand alone topic, …

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Dark Is The New Black

Dark themes are more than a design fad, they’ve become a permanent part of the mobile device user experience and are similarly commonplace for web design. The two most recent client projects I launched have featured dark designs: the Emberlight Festival and City Lights Theater Company. There’s a lot to love about dark designs but there’s even more that goes into making them work. Simply put, it’s not just inverting white …

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Malicious Misinformation In Action And What You Can Do To Stop It

As a follow-up to last Friday’s post about reviewing your cybersecurity plans, I have a real-world example for item #5 from that list: “Keep a very close eye on your websites and email clients to make sure they are not compromised and being used to spread malware or misinformation.” Since the invasion of Ukraine, there’s been a huge uptick in spam misinformation from malicious Russian sources submitting comments that use compromised …

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