Time To Update Your Web Policies, Here Are Some Resources To Help With That Task

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There was a time where you could get away with just a terms of service and privacy policy but over the past two years, the environment of online web privacy policies has become far more complex.  In addition to cookie policies you need to be concerned with data breach policies and have notification templates on hand, ready to go. As such, I published an updated version of an article I wrote …

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Give ‘Em What They Really Want: How To Create An Effective Artist Press Kit

Recently, my company updated my wife’s professional artist website: HollyMulcahy.com. A large part of that project was updating all her press kit information. Previously, all the typical press kit content, such as bios and pics, was available via direct download from her site. But times have changed and there are better ways to go about making that content available. Ultimately, the goal is to make things as easy as possible for …

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Web UX 101

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I recently wrapped up a workshop for Americans for the Arts and Pennsylvania Council on the Arts on Website User Experience with a terrific group of participants taking part in a two-year capacity building initiative titled Arts Marketing and Audience Engagement in the 21st Century: Building the Capacity of Pennsylvania’s Cultural Sector. It was a terrific afternoon; we covered a lot of ground and worked across a variety of skill levels …

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Confused By All The Recent Changes In Mailchimp?


Let’s end the week on a skills-oriented post. If you’re a Mailchimp user, you’ve probably noticed the host of changes and enhancements they’ve rolled out of the last few months. One of the biggest is a complete overhaul of their list and segmentation functionality and if you didn’t know it was coming, it was probably a rude awakening. Fortunately, ArtsHacker has you covered with a recent post from Ceci Dadisman. She’ll …

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Conventional Wisdom Is Rarely Either: Discuss.

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Do you know what a HiPPO is? I bet you’ve encountered one in a meeting whether you knew it or now. For those unfamiliar with the acronym, HiPPO stands for Highest Paid Person’s Opinion. HiPPo’s can be a real challenge to work with, especially if your goal is to create a data driven culture. To help turn the tide of HiPPO driven conventional wisdom, I published an article at ArtsHacker yesterday …

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