Stop The Comment Noise

Play and Talk

WordPress is great…until it isn’t. The good news is most of those shortcomings are pretty easy to work with if you know your options. Moreover, most of them tend to be holdovers from the days when WP was primarily a blogging platform. Case in point: comments. For most orchestras using WordPress as their publishing platform, the comment functionality is a pretty low priority if not entirely unnecessary. But there it is …

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Taking Stock Friday

Sometimes, it feels like the days just melt away, but it’s better to be busy than bored. To that end, here are some of the things that occupy my time as of late. Consulting Work I’m very happy to say that the musician employment agreement model I wrote about back in April 2019 is starting to catch on. While I can’t go into nearly as much detail as that article, I …

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Don’t Get Suckered Into This Billable Fluff Expense

Adaptistration People 123

I published an article today at ArtsHacker that examines one of the less than scrupulous trends of web designers making clients feel like they are getting something special that expresses their uniqueness but in fact, it’s just something used to pad invoices. I’m talking about custom navigation icon design. At best, you’re only paying for something you believe delivers more value than it does. At worse, they can actually degrade your …

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When Was The Last Time You Updated Your Twitter Account Branding?

Adaptistration People 131

If you’re like me and use a client like TweetDeck to manage Twitter activity across one or more accounts, it’s not unusual to go weeks or months without actually visiting your Twitter account page. The problem with that is you can inadvertently overlook outdated branding in the header graphic; out of sight, out of mind. I fell right into that beartrap recently in the wake of the branding updates at my …

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Who Says This Field Doesn’t Benefit From Advancements In Technology?

There’s more than a bit of ironic nostalgia connected to the realization that tasks which used to be complicated and time consuming are now point-and-click straightforward. Case in point, connecting Google Analytics (GA) to any one of a dozen commonly used digital services. There was a time when you had to understand every aspect of GA’s tracking snippet code and how to work with HTML in order to do something like …

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