Is Your Group At A Point Where Your Board Is Ready For Committees?


When Eric Rubio reached out with an idea about a guest author post for ArtsHacker my first thought was “what a great topic, I wish I thought of that.” It focuses on the point in an organization’s evolution where a board will begin to operate more efficiently with a standing committee structure. Drawing from recent experience, Rubio put together an outline that covers when it’s time to form committees, obtaining a …

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If You’re A G Suite User, Google Voice May Be The Solution To Your Remote Workforce Telephone Problems

Among the myriad of operations-oriented problems orchestras are facing are how to handle telephone connectivity for office staff that now work remotely. Sure, you can forward calls but there may be a much better option at your fingertips in the form of Google Voice. If your organization already has a G Suite for Nonprofits account, then you already have the infrastructure needed to roll out a phone solution that not only …

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You Want Me To Do What With My Data?

I was all kinds of excited to see the latest post from Joe Patti at ArtsHacker. The title alone triggers one of my biggest pet peeves: Yes, Data Driven Decision Making. But What Data Is Important?. It’s exactly the right question and at the core of a conference session I present on this very topic. Seeing the reference to vanity data was especially nice. The most valuable data for an organization …

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Just The Sort Of Thing To Help You Stay On Track


I published an article at ArtsHacker yesterday pointing to something written by researcher Victor Yocco that provides exactly the sort of thing arts marketers need right now: effectively design to gain and hold attention for digital products. He had me at an overview of transient and sustained attention. The ArtsHacker articles covers some the highlights that are particularly applicable to arts marketers but you should absolutely check out the full post. …

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Woo-Hoo Early Studies Support Digital Content Value

Now that groups have been experimenting with the world of digital content delivery, we’re starting to see initial studies emerge measuring effectiveness. Ceci Dadisman published an article at ArtsHacker that examines one such study from a special edition of Culture Track that demonstrates patrons find digital content to be valuable. She also examines some specific efforts from a variety of arts orgs.


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