Joe Patti Gets Ready For ArtsHacker


ArtsHacker won’t likely be up and running until November/December but that isn’t stopping Joe Patti who posted a wonderfully informative overview of written agreements by demonstrating that not everything presented in written form is set in stone. Patti’s article is an excellent example of the sort of nuts and bolts content you can expect at ArtsHacker and I can wholeheartedly endorse his recommendation for springing for a full version of Adobe …

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Last Call For ArtsHacker Contributors


We just wrapped up the second round of processing contributions from those interested in becoming an ArtsHacker contributor and the response was just as strong as the first. As such, I’m extending this to one more round, but know this is all we’ll have time for in order to get all of the contributors ready for a fall launch. Moreover, I’m pleased to announce our core list of confirmed contributors (so …

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ArtsHacker Is Coming

Last month, I tossed out the idea of a new website designed to function like an arts manager version of and posted a form to solicit feedback from arts managers out there interested in becoming contributors. The. Response. Was. Amazing. In short, ArtsHacker is so happening and we should have something up and running this fall! We’ve got a veritable boat load of folks lined up as contributors you’ll recognize …

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Isn’t It About Time For an Arts Admin Version of Lifehacker?


Ah, where would we be without, the site dedicated to providing “tips, ticks, and downloads for getting things done.” Since 2005, the site has been a mainstay for practical advice and discussion; granted, it’s become a bit of a navigation quagmire in recent months, but the content is still entirely useful. So why doesn’t something like this exist for arts managers? Sure there are outlets like listservs maintained by the various …

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