Are You Making Decisions With Half-Naked Data?

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If you or your organization(s) are using Google Analytics (GA) without syncing it to a Google Search Console (GSC) account, you’re making metrics driven decisions with half naked data. The problem is too many arts professionals don’t even know GSC exists but even when they discover it, they end up letting an account go fallow due to how much is involved with properly configuring everything. Although Google provides help content, you …

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Can’t Someone Else Worry About It?

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Last week’s survey asking readers if their organization uses cross-domain tracking generated some very intriguing results in that the topic generated very little interest. The survey produced a whopping (#sarcasm) nine replies. Nine. This came as quite a surprise as the low engagement level runs contrary to both anecdotal evidence and a similar survey I conducted with my Venture Platform users. Marketing and box office professionals have a very high degree …

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Thanks For The Help?

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A few weeks ago, I published an article with instructions on how you can hide web pages from Google search results for up to 90 days using Google Search Console (GSC). Although it garnered a good bit of “kudos” notes from arts managers, one reply in particular stood out. Hiding a page from Google search results is exactly what I need to do but I don’t even know what a Google …

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Survey: Does Your Organization Use Cross-Domain Tracking?

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Google Analytics (GA) can easily track when a website visitor goes from one page to the next inside the same website but what happens if a visitor selects a “buy tickets” link on your website that delivers them to a third-party ticketing provider website. Can GA track the action between two different sites? Spoiler: yes, but… This is where cross-domain tracking enters the equation. Cross-domain tracking allows organizations to collect data …

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Catching A Clue About User Experience

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There’s nothing quite like working on a project where you really get to push some boundaries and break out of the old trying to catch up by going slower routine. Case in point, I launched a new Venture user website this week for composer Jim Stephenson. If you aren’t already familiar with Jim’s work, it’s amazing. He’s the next big thing when it comes to living composers. But I digress, this …

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