Dear Funders: Your Logo Requirements Are Wasting Your Own Money

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Requiring grant recipients to display the logo from the company/foundation/agency providing a grant is a common practice. It highlights the funder’s support and that public attention can help inspire additional support. The whole thing works great…until it doesn’t. By nature, logos come in one of three basic aspect ratios (the proportion between width and height): Portrait (taller than it is wide Square (equal height and width) Landscape (wider than it is …

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Accessible Event Driven Website Features

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If accessibility isn’t on your organization’s radar, you may want to begin thinking about moving in that direction. In addition to the host of website related topics, performing arts organizations also need to consider how accessibility and sensory friendly events intersect with artistic planning and the overall concert experience. The theatre sector tends to be doing a good job at leading these efforts. Not only is their medium well-suited to the …

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Who Wants Free Website User Testing Templates?

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One of the biggest challenges for small to mid size budget organizations is properly testing new website designs before going live. It’s no wonder why this is such a challenge; implemented properly, the process should include live and remote user testing utilizing one of several tools made expressly for those purposes. But the reality is that process requires time and adds costs that many arts organizations simply can’t accommodate in their …

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Food For Thought: Website Accessibility Driven Lawsuits

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The 4/19/2019 edition of published an article by Claire Voon that reports on a pair of lawsuits filed separated by two legally blind plaintiffs against dozens of New York City art galleries that their websites allegedly violated the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). As the article points out, issues of websites and accessibility via ADA standards are, at best, murky. Part of confusion comes from a separate set of standards …

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Web UX 101

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I recently wrapped up a workshop for Americans for the Arts and Pennsylvania Council on the Arts on Website User Experience with a terrific group of participants taking part in a two-year capacity building initiative titled Arts Marketing and Audience Engagement in the 21st Century: Building the Capacity of Pennsylvania’s Cultural Sector. It was a terrific afternoon; we covered a lot of ground and worked across a variety of skill levels …

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