Need To Hide Some Videos?

Now that it looks like shutdowns are going to continue, groups have started to look for ways to offer video content in a protected format. Setting aside the much larger issue of connecting access to monetization, one of the initial challenges is how to limit where a protected video can be embedded then limit access to that page where that video lives. If you’re a WordPress user, the answer is fairly …

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Resource Wednesday: Free Streaming Webinar with Companion Slide Deck

Last week’s free Google Analytics webinar was recorded and is now available to stream, free of charge. If you’re more of a audio/visual learner then this will be right up your alley. At the onset of the video, one of the participants kept unmuting their mic so you’ll catch a bit of working from home childcare chatter but it fades away after a few minutes. If you have haven’t completed the …

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Don’t Overlook This Crucial Remote Work Related Metrics Task

If you manage your organization’s Google Analytics account, there’s a critical task you need to complete in order to filter out all of the incoming web traffic from remote working locations. Good news is you can leave all of these new filters in place once everyone returns to the office. You can find step by step instructions with annotated screenshots at an article I published at ArtsHacker. Don’t Forget To Filter …

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Forewarned Is Forearmed: The Latest Social Media Scam

Recently, Joe Patti published an article at that walks you through the way malicious social media bots are beginning to target performing arts organization’s social media feeds. The post provides insight on how to identify bots and why organizations shouldn’t ignore the issue. A new scam seems to have risen in the comments sections of performing arts venue social media pages. It appears that groups are using bots to populate …

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