How to Avoid #SadStructuredData

In order to really maximize your content in Google search results, you should be taking advantage of structured data. If you’re curious about why structured data is important, the simple explanation is without it, Google can’t really distinguish if your event is an event, a blog post, a press release, or a general article. That means those cool event dates/times which automatically show up in search results won’t happen if you …

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Getting In GDPR’s Good Graces

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I’m happy to report that Adaptistration complies with the European Union’s (EU) new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulations related to personal data collection. You’ll notice new opt-in checkboxes, marketing permission statements, and updated legal text. When putting together your own updates, make sure you catch every point of contact for subscriptions. For example, in addition to the pop-up subscription forms, I almost missed the mutually exclusive static pages for the …

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Time To Get Stable

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I recently published installment 5/6 at on how to combat post net neutrality slowdowns. This installment focuses on how to best handle the necessary (and increasingly challenging) task of keeping core platform, theme, and plugin code up to date. No doubt about it, open source publishing platforms (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.) are loaded with positives. At the same time, one of the growing challenges is making sure the combination of …

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Today Marks The Beginning Of The End For Net Neutrality

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Today marks the beginning of the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) repeal of net neutrality. While portions of the repeal are scheduled to be rolled out at later dates, they mostly deal with issues that won’t have any direct impact on the nonprofit performing arts sector (such as data collection requirements). Having said that, you shouldn’t expect slowdowns to happen immediately. As anticipated by most experts, there are slew of legal challenges brewing …

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Understanding The Importance Of Legacy Costs

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Anyone working in the labor side of things inside the orchestra and opera fields knows how much impact legacy costs have on an institution’s expense structure. Larger budgets typically mean larger legacy costs, especially pension obligations. And while that’s not going to be changing anytime soon, legacy costs in other departments have been creeping up over the years. A good example is the total cost of ownership for web-based platforms. These …

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