Fraud Contributed To Net Neutrality’s Demise

The New York State Office of the Attorney General published a report last week that has been years in the making (h/t Joe Patti). The report “is the product of an extensive investigation by the [e Office of the New York Attorney General] of the parties that sought to influence the FCC’s 2017 proceeding to repeal the agency’s net neutrality rules.” This is a topic we examined in great detail at …

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Here’s Some Positive News: The Person Responsible For Killing Net Neutrality Is Leaving

Vox reports that Ajit Pai will be stepping down as FCC chair on January 20, 2021, the same day President-elect Biden is sworn into office. Pai is the individual singlehandedly responsible for gutting Net Neutrality, the set of regulations that used to require Telecom providers, (like Internet Service Providers Comcast, Verizon, Time Warner, and AT&T) to deliver all web content at the same speed. When it was a thing, net neutrality …

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Arts Advocacy Action Alert: Making Net Neutrality A Campaign Issue

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There’s a fabulous post from NTEN CEO, Amy Sample Ward, that reminds everyone of just how important it is to make Net Neutrality a key issue in the 2020 national elections. In addition to reminding everyone why Net Neutrality still matter and that the damage done in 2017 can be reversed, she provides a few key action items everyone can do to help. …in the four presidential candidate debates held so …

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Your Post-Net Neutrality Action Plan, In Google Slide Deck Form

My thanks to the folks from Arts Alliance Illinois for inviting me to participate in yesterday’s webinar on Arts and Technology. My portion of the webinar covered a post-net neutrality action plan and I wanted to take a moment to share the Google Slide Deck with everyone. Like most of my slide decks, this includes #CopiousSpeakerNotes so that you can get everything of value from the webinar right out of the …

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Today Marks The Beginning Of The End For Net Neutrality

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Today marks the beginning of the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) repeal of net neutrality. While portions of the repeal are scheduled to be rolled out at later dates, they mostly deal with issues that won’t have any direct impact on the nonprofit performing arts sector (such as data collection requirements). Having said that, you shouldn’t expect slowdowns to happen immediately. As anticipated by most experts, there are slew of legal challenges brewing …

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