It’s The Eleventh Hour For Responding To Net Neutrality

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Many thanks to Thomas Cott for reminding everyone via yesterday’s newsletter yesterday that Monday, 9/15/14 is the deadline for submitting your comments to the proposed changes that would gut Net Neutrality as we know it. If you’re just coming in on this issue, here’s what you need to know in a nutshell: it’s a terrible idea and you should do everything you can help make sure it doesn’t happen. To that …

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“The Equivalent Of Needing A Babysitter And Hiring A Dingo”

Granted, regular readers have heard me raise alarms over the impending demise of net neutrality and the negative impact that will have on the entire field but compared to other topics, the degree of engagement is, shall we say, unenthusiastic. That’s okay, it can seem like a dry and overly geeky topic; fortunately, creative types like John Oliver and his writing team at HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver not …

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Another Useful Resource To Help Survive The Post Net Neutrality Slowdown

Forewarned is forearmed, so to that end you should be up to speed on the impending slowdown that will transpire once the FCC implements its new series of rules that will eradicate Net Neutrality (latest details). In short, the new goal will be the ability to make page load speeds as low as possible. We examined several tools in September, 2013 that you can use to begin measuring and troubleshooting page …

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Net Neutrality Suffers Another Blow

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Even in the wake of major protests and congressional pressure, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted 3-2 to move forward with a set of controversial proposed rule changes that would ultimately allow Internet Service Providers (ISP) to slow down traffic for any organization that fails to pay premium fees for speeds you currently experience. The FCC made last minute changes to the proposals and attempted to spin them as guarantees that …

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How To Avoid Getting Caught With Your Pants Down In The Wake Of Neutered Net Neutrality Rules

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Big news yesterday on the Net Neutrality front and none of it is any good. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has plans to implement a new set of rules that will allow internet service providers (ISP) to begin charging for different tiers of service; which all but guarantees nonprofits will be doomed to having their content delivered to site visitors at slower speeds than a mainstream site that will be able …

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