Net Neutrality Crosses A Positive Threshold

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The ongoing struggle to prevent Internet Service Providers (ISP) from restricting, or even blocking, content for pretty much any reason they see fit crossed an important threshold on 2/26/2015 when the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved a new net neutrality plan which reclassifies broadband internet as a Title II public utility. Reclassifying broadband providers, including mobile broadband, as a public utility provides the legal framework necessary for constructing and enforcing regulations that …

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Net Neutrality Heats Up

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Remember when we discussed how the recent elections will impact the arts? If you aren’t the patient sort then today’s you’re lucky day as politicians are drawing ideological lines in the sand over Net Neutrality. If you’re just turning into this and need to know why Net Neutrality matters for arts orgs (spoiler: it does in a big way) you can catch up via a series of posts on the topic. …

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Some Potential Good News For Net Neutrality

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During a 10/9/2014 town-hall style meeting in Santa Monica, CA President Obama provided a very clear, if not belated, executive position on the impending Federal Communications Commission (FCC) decision on whether or not they will move forward with proposed rules that would ultimately allow Internet Service Providers (ISP) to slow down traffic for any organization that fails to pay premium fees for speeds currently experienced. Emphasis added: On net neutrality, I …

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It’s The Eleventh Hour For Responding To Net Neutrality

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Many thanks to Thomas Cott for reminding everyone via yesterday’s newsletter yesterday that Monday, 9/15/14 is the deadline for submitting your comments to the proposed changes that would gut Net Neutrality as we know it. If you’re just coming in on this issue, here’s what you need to know in a nutshell: it’s a terrible idea and you should do everything you can help make sure it doesn’t happen. To that …

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“The Equivalent Of Needing A Babysitter And Hiring A Dingo”

Granted, regular readers have heard me raise alarms over the impending demise of net neutrality and the negative impact that will have on the entire field but compared to other topics, the degree of engagement is, shall we say, unenthusiastic. That’s okay, it can seem like a dry and overly geeky topic; fortunately, creative types like John Oliver and his writing team at HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver not …

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