#TBT The Value Of Creative Design

A perennial problem that is particularly vexing for opera and theatre groups is how to approach event graphics when production photography for most events won’t be ready when season announcements roll out. One of the best options is to invest in quality graphic design to provide visuals until principal photography is available. Recently, one of my newest clients, Opera Festival Chicago, put that approach into motion for their three events this …

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Words Matter

Joe Patti published a fantastic article on 5/3/22 that examines labels attached to common nonprofit circumstances, like using “give” when communicating with patrons about donations. We’ve all encountered this at one point or another; retail stores frequently call customers “guests” and to a large degree, those changes are driven by expectations. Patti presents a few specific examples where the nonprofit sector could benefit from a similar approach and ultimately arrives at …

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#TBT Artist Promo Photos…NSFW Edition

No, this isn’t a post about NSFW artist photos (although that could certainly be a topic). Rather, an arts marketing colleague recently posted a note on FB lamenting the amount of effort it was taking to secure suitable promotional photos from artists. I’ll be the first to admit this is a trigger issue for me but I’m confident when I say most, if not all, arts marketers would agree with the …

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Find Out Who’s Tuned In To Arts Organizations Today. Spoiler: Those With Email

The folks at Capacity Interactive (CI) recently published the latest installment of their Performing Arts Ticket Buyer Media Usage Study. The previous installment was released right before COVID-19 so as I’m sure you can imagine, a lot has changed. I’m still reviewing the content but a few items that jumped out at me from the Key Findings include: 96% of ticket buyers plan to come back to your venues after the …

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Not Dead Yet: QR Codes

One of the more intriguing byproducts of the pandemic is its influence in bringing QR codes back into mainstream use. We’ve been examining their potential for more than a decade and while their popularity has ebbed and flowed, they are currently riding a high thanks in large part to mobile operating systems doing a much better job at recognizing and processing code actions. There’s an excellent article at Smashing Magazine by …

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