If You Had Campaigns Running During Facebook’s Outage, You Felt Some Pain

Thanks to everyone who participated in Monday’s poll asking about the impact Facebook’s outage was having on your digital campaign performance. The poll generated 56 responses and based on those replies, the outage caused more than an inconvenience blip. Good news is just over a third of respondents reported that they weren’t running any campaigns on the day of the outage, so they dodged a bullet. When those non-campaign responses are …

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Every Single Page At Your Website Needs A Goal

Conversion goals are one of those odd things every arts marketer seems to know they need but for whatever reason, most groups have too many webpages with zero goals. For those on the outside of marketing-jargon, conversion goals are the thing you want a visitor to do at your website. For the most part, they can be broken down into three basic types: Revenue generation: purchasing a ticket or making a …

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Which Orchestra Has The Best 2021-2022 Slogan?

Even in non-pandemic times, coming up with a good slogan takes some work but I’ve been curious to see how groups are approaching this task as many are launching back into concert activity. Setting aside the gratuitous use of exclamation points, most are a variation of the following: [orchestra name] is back! The Music’s Back! Together Again The Wait Is Over! Get Ready! However, I did find Boston’s slogan rather clever: …

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Let Me Say This Plainly: We Need A Cultural De-Jargonizer

This seems to be a week of realization when it comes to a larger need to move away from jargon and toward more accessible language. Joe Patti posted something yesterday that introduced me to a wonderful article by Trevor O’Donnell that espouses the need for dejargonizing marketing material. Hot on the heels of Joe’s post is one from Ceci Dadisman at ArtsHacker that takes an even deeper dive into this subject. …

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Let’s Use This Opportunity To Rid Ourselves Of Some Bad Habits


As groups are beginning to gear up for concert activity in one form or another in the post-pandemic environment, it’s worth taking advantage of some opportunities to shed ourselves of bad habits. Case in point, streamlined program notes and marketing content offers an opportunity to excise the Adjective That Must Not Be Named (Beloved) and its friends. I’m only just starting to see post-pandemic marketing materials emerge and so far, it’s …

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