Let Me Say This Plainly: We Need A Cultural De-Jargonizer

This seems to be a week of realization when it comes to a larger need to move away from jargon and toward more accessible language. Joe Patti posted something yesterday that introduced me to a wonderful article by Trevor O’Donnell that espouses the need for dejargonizing marketing material. Hot on the heels of Joe’s post is one from Ceci Dadisman at ArtsHacker that takes an even deeper dive into this subject. …

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Let’s Use This Opportunity To Rid Ourselves Of Some Bad Habits


As groups are beginning to gear up for concert activity in one form or another in the post-pandemic environment, it’s worth taking advantage of some opportunities to shed ourselves of bad habits. Case in point, streamlined program notes and marketing content offers an opportunity to excise the Adjective That Must Not Be Named (Beloved) and its friends. I’m only just starting to see post-pandemic marketing materials emerge and so far, it’s …

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Are You Ready For Some Hard Marketing Truths?

There’s a great article by Janet Balis in the 3/10/21 edition of the Harvard Business Review titled 10 Truths About Marketing After the Pandemic. Item #2 really caught my attention: Old truth: “You are competing with your competitors.” New truth: “You are competing with the last best experience your customer had.” Balis examines some strategies organizations should consider meeting this expectation. The standout here to me was “Build the right data …

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Looking At The Business Through Merlot Colored Glasses

I’m all for finding ways to infuse wine into the live concert experience. But while my own interest tends to start and stop at the actual consumption, others are giving the subject it the attention it deserves. Case in point, violinist Holly Mulcahy recently published an article at Neo Classical that casts an eye toward lessons our field can learn from the way the wine industry began to pivot 20 years …

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If There Was Ever A Time To Consider Loyalty Programs, It’s Now

A recent post from Joe Patti examines a report from the Advisory Board for the Arts that found “while people may donate at a certain level to gain perks, taking away those perks won’t cause them to reduce their giving, by and large.” This is certainly good news for arts orgs in a post-COVID environment, but it also brings up some intriguing dynamic considerations that focus on generating the most revenue …

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