If There Was Ever A Time To Consider Loyalty Programs, It’s Now

A recent post from Joe Patti examines a report from the Advisory Board for the Arts that found “while people may donate at a certain level to gain perks, taking away those perks won’t cause them to reduce their giving, by and large.” This is certainly good news for arts orgs in a post-COVID environment, but it also brings up some intriguing dynamic considerations that focus on generating the most revenue …

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Nothing Says Safe Like Floor Stickers (Seriously)

The ever thoughtful Joe Patti published one of those right topics and the right time posts at ArtsHacker that examines the value of thinking about updating your venue images now that we have some vaccinated light at the end of the pandemic tunnel. Even pre-Covid the general guidance for promotional images and text was to focus on the audience experience. Regardless of whether the venue you perform/show your work at is …

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#TBT Modifiers Matter

Granted, today’s #TBT post is only a few months old but the most recent batch of cancellation notices arriving in my inbox indicate we could all use take a breath and remember that modifiers matter. There are still far too many instances of adjectives and adverbs that project a defeatist attitude when messages should gravitate toward messages of hope and/or confidence. Choose Your Modifiers Carefully

Turn Portrait Images Into Landscape

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Over the weekend, I posted the following rant about portfolio aspect ratio images on Facebook: PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT When getting PR photos, please insist the photographer shoot in landscape aspect ratio, not portrait. Posted by Drew McManus on Thursday, July 9, 2020 Given that it’s always a good thing to balance a rant with something productive on the same topic, I decided to create a free Photoshop template that provides one method …

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Print Vs. Digital Program Book Survey Results

Last week, I asked readers for some feedback on whether they were considering replacing print program books with a digital alternative when concert events start up in the Fall. We had just under 150 responses and the results were fascinating. If concert activity resumes in the Fall, does your organization plan on using print program books? Exactly half of the respondents indicated they weren’t sure what they were going to do. …

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