Empathetic Complaining 101

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There was an intriguing article in the 12/7/2017 edition of Capacity Interactive’s blog about how to handle negative social media comments. It includes some thoughtful Q&A from a trio of arts marketers and by and large, it’s a very useful post. About 2/3 of the way through the article, it dawned on me how fantastic it would have been to hear from someone on the other side of those social media …

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Will These Changes Cause Your Org To Lose Its Google Ad Grant?

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There’s a terrific article by Jason King in the 1/23/2018 edition of the Nonprofit Technology Conference blog that examines how recent changes to Google Ad Grant’s terms and conditions put some users at risk of temporary account suspension. A whole raft of new rules came into effect on the January 1st of 2018, many of which carry the risk of temporary suspension of your account. Here are some of the new …

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Can’t Someone Else Worry About It?

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Last week’s survey asking readers if their organization uses cross-domain tracking generated some very intriguing results in that the topic generated very little interest. The survey produced a whopping (#sarcasm) nine replies. Nine. This came as quite a surprise as the low engagement level runs contrary to both anecdotal evidence and a similar survey I conducted with my Venture Platform users. Marketing and box office professionals have a very high degree …

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Have You Read The Culture Track 2017 Report Yet?

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Self-described as an organization “dedicated to addressing the most pressing challenges facing the worlds of culture and creativity through research, education, dialogue, and action” Culture Track, developed by cultural marketing agency LaPlaca Cohen,  recently released the latest edition of their triennial national research study of the behaviors and characteristics of 4,000 US cultural consumers. Reports are released on a three year cycle and each installment tends to dovetail on developments from …

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Survey: Does Your Organization Use Cross-Domain Tracking?

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Google Analytics (GA) can easily track when a website visitor goes from one page to the next inside the same website but what happens if a visitor selects a “buy tickets” link on your website that delivers them to a third-party ticketing provider website. Can GA track the action between two different sites? Spoiler: yes, but… This is where cross-domain tracking enters the equation. Cross-domain tracking allows organizations to collect data …

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