Just In Case You Thought Websites Were Losing Value

A recent report from IMACTS Experience (h/t Ruth Hartt) provides a data driven reminder about how important a website is to a nonprofit arts and culture organization. While measuring what they define as high-propensity visitors, ” folks who have an increased interest, inclination, or likelihood to attend cultural organizations,” the discovered that end-of-year 2019 vsQ2, 2022 is the engagement rate those users have with online platforms increased considerably. At the top of …

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Zombie Topics: Mobile Phones In The Concert Hall

Of all the zombie topics people will be arguing about long after I’m dead and gone, I would put mobile phones in the concert hall at the top of that list. At a recent concert, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that the orchestra was encouraging patrons to use their phone to take no-flash pics, but only if they were sitting in the last five rows of the main floor or …

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Minimum Viable Anything Is An Oxymoron

Since launching UpStageCRM, the concept of Minimum Viable Product (MVP) has been paramount on my mind for the last two years. If you aren’t already familiar with the concept, Minimum Viability is a version of something, like a product, with enough features to be functional and provide value to users. Going from an idea to a clear list of MVP features is far easier than it sounds; in fact, the entire …

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Have You Discovered The Social Media Tracker Project Yet?

Wouldn’t you love to see how effective orchestras are with their social media campaigns? I can only speak for myself, but I’d be surprised if most arts admin professionals wouldn’t love to get their hands on regularly updated data. Unfortunately, there isn’t any sort of resource or database maintained by the usual service organization suspects but thanks to a tip from Ruth Hartt, I discovered an effort created by former arts …

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Piling On (in a good way)

Who doesn’t enjoy a good list post, to that end, Ruth Hartt published something at her blog highlighting six assumptions arts orgs need to rethink. I agree with all six of Hartt’s points and if you regularly read her blog, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that 1/3 of those items focus on the need for the sector to stop taking itself too seriously and relate to the people using something …

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