A Step By Step Guide For To Getting Into Influencer Marketing

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If you’re curious about investigating whether influencer marketing might be worth allocating time and treasure, I would be remiss if I didn’t point out a post by Jonathan Eifert in in the 7/1/18 edition of ArtsHacker. There’s a lot to consider when thinking about testing the waters with influencer marketing and this article is an excellent resource walking you through the initial steps of designing, implementing, and measuring a program’s return. …

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An Example Of Technology Straightjackets

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Last week’s post about limitations in many of the box office and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms that specialize in the performing arts field place artificial limitations on customer experience and revenue potential garnered some interesting direct feedback. Admittedly, I can get ahead of myself when it comes to creating a common frame of reference and several readers sent direct messages saying they couldn’t imagine what I was describing. Let’s take …

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You Mean You Haven’t Pivoted From Comps To Influencer Marketing Yet?

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If you have any interest in driving down comps while filling up full price seats, there are two articles you simply must read. The first is from violinist Holly Mulcahy* in a Neo Classical post from 6/15/2018 where she talks about the vast untapped potential influencer marketing can have on improving meaningful audience development activities. Simply put, Mulcahy is the model of what a classical music influence can look like. Given …

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The Topic With Staying Power: Patron Behavior

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The New York Post published an article on 11/4/2017 by Michael Riedel titled Actors say rude audiences are destroying Broadway. Although the focus is Broadway, all the complaints are nothing new; it’s like a crewing a well-worn cud of dissatisfaction. Ticket buyers: talk during the performance. unwrap candy. cough incessantly (but never leave). drop programs. drop purses and bags. drop cell phone. answer cell phones. neglect/ignore turning off cell phones. etc., …

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#CultureTrack17: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun…Boys, About 8% Less

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According to the 4,035 consumers included in LaPlaca Cohen’s Culture Track 2017 report, the single greatest motivating factor for participating in a cultural event is to have fun. That’s not an insignificant point. At the same time, when we drill down into the raw data results for just Classical Music events, respondents found having fun to be the third highest motivators (kudos to #CultureTrack17 for providing so much transparency!): Relaxing or …

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