Have You Discovered The Social Media Tracker Project Yet?

Wouldn’t you love to see how effective orchestras are with their social media campaigns? I can only speak for myself, but I’d be surprised if most arts admin professionals wouldn’t love to get their hands on regularly updated data. Unfortunately, there isn’t any sort of resource or database maintained by the usual service organization suspects but thanks to a tip from Ruth Hartt, I discovered an effort created by former arts …

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Piling On (in a good way)

Who doesn’t enjoy a good list post, to that end, Ruth Hartt published something at her blog highlighting six assumptions arts orgs need to rethink. I agree with all six of Hartt’s points and if you regularly read her blog, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that 1/3 of those items focus on the need for the sector to stop taking itself too seriously and relate to the people using something …

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Words Matter

Joe Patti published a fantastic article on 5/3/22 that examines labels attached to common nonprofit circumstances, like using “give” when communicating with patrons about donations. We’ve all encountered this at one point or another; retail stores frequently call customers “guests” and to a large degree, those changes are driven by expectations. Patti presents a few specific examples where the nonprofit sector could benefit from a similar approach and ultimately arrives at …

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It’s Time To Change up The Conversation On Concert Attire

Over the weekend, I ran across a Facebook discussion about what patrons wear to the orchestra. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it followed all of the well-worn paths about what everyone thought was acceptable or not and it stuck me just how much those talking points are out of touch. Artistic excellence is inconsequential if you aren’t selling tickets so to that end, the field desperately needs to throw all these old conversations out …

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I’ll See Your Introspection And Raise You A Cognitive Bias

Several weeks ago, arts marketer Ruth Hartt posted a thought-provoking post at LinkedIn designed to get arts managers thinking about how they measure relevance. It’s an excellent perspective and you can never really have too many reminders about getting outside of your bubble. My only additional thought is the stakeholders who would benefit from this introspection are most likely to miss it. Nutshell: cognitive bias will erase any gains from deliberate …

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