Must-Read Friday

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When faced with all the challenges that are genuinely out of our control, it never ceases to surprise me when nonprofit performing arts organizations overlook the things they have control over. Earlier this week, Joe Patti published an article that examines one of the most commonly overlooked issues: creating an environment that fosters a sense of inclusion and belonging. Or to perhaps be more specific, it’s an issue that does get …

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I’ll Try, But I Don’t Think My Phone Will Fit In There

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At the beginning of the month I wrote about the Anne-Sophie Mutter mobile phone kerfuffle and staked out a decidedly matter-of-fact perspective. Fortunately, there are others out there looking to approach the topic from more of a productive outlook. Case in point, violinist Holly Mulcahy gathered 10 such minds to provide positive thoughts, productive and creative ideas, and some hard truth realizations that go way beyond mere kvetching: Stephen Marc Beaudoin; Executive …

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Patron Service, Patron Experience, and Patron Care

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Last year, I cancelled a membership at one of Chicago’s premier art museums due to an issue with promised member benefits. In this case, the museum designed a benefit to help sidestep a well-known pain point in the form of long entrance lines. It was simple: members receive expedited entry. It is an effective benefit that works great…until it doesn’t. Like many museums, this one does not permit patrons to carry …

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Stop Spoiling The Newbie Concert Experience

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It should come as no secret that we can be our own worst enemies when it comes to turning off new concertgoers and no stakeholder is immune. Moreover, it never hurts to remind ourselves what we can do to avoid these bear traps and to that end, violinist Holly Mulcahy recently published an article that touches on some of the more common ways stakeholders can make new concertgoers feel like their …

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Spoiler Alert: The Latest Spider Man Movie Takes A Swipe At Opera

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Over the holiday weekend, I went to the latest Marvel movie, Spider Man: Far From Home. With the exception of a single scene, it’s a typical installment in the tent-pole franchise but that exception is a doozy in that it takes a swipe at some of the worst stereotypes of live classical music concerts. Mild Spoiler Alert: in a nutshell, the protagonists need to hide a group of teenagers for a …

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