Sold-Out Ticket Scams Start Hitting Social Media

Scammers haven’t wasted any time attempting to suck blood from the turnip of burgeoning performing arts org concert activity. The latest attempt to exploit organizations targets events that are at capacity or sell out quickly thanks to limited numbers of seats available due to COVID restrictions. The scam is straightforward enough: Fake user posts a comment to an event post at your Facebook wall saying they have some of the limited …

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Forewarned Is Forearmed: The Latest Social Media Scam

Recently, Joe Patti published an article at that walks you through the way malicious social media bots are beginning to target performing arts organization’s social media feeds. The post provides insight on how to identify bots and why organizations shouldn’t ignore the issue. A new scam seems to have risen in the comments sections of performing arts venue social media pages. It appears that groups are using bots to populate …

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Thanks For Nothing LinkedIn

Adaptistration People 195

I posted something today at ArtsHacker pointing out a recent decision by LinkedIn to kill off their share counter API, which is what allows websites to show how many times site visitors share a page or post at Linkedin. If you manage your organization’s social media channels, it’s worth pointing out that not only did LinkedIn kill the counter API for all shares going forward but it blitzed the underlying data …

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Because This Business Makes Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon Look Like Child’s Play, That’s Why.

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I’ve always been leery of LinkedIn but there’s no denying it has established itself as a go-to resource if you want to learn more about business contacts. But one item that continues to rub me the wrong way is the emphasis on quantity of contacts over quality. It’s no secret this business makes Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon look like child’s play. As such, who you’re connected to carries far more influence than …

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