Have You Discovered The Social Media Tracker Project Yet?

Wouldn’t you love to see how effective orchestras are with their social media campaigns? I can only speak for myself, but I’d be surprised if most arts admin professionals wouldn’t love to get their hands on regularly updated data. Unfortunately, there isn’t any sort of resource or database maintained by the usual service organization suspects but thanks to a tip from Ruth Hartt, I discovered an effort created by former arts …

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LinkedIn Is Officially More Useful Than Facebook

Allow me to clarify today’s title a bit by saying LinkedIn is more useful when it comes to engaging with colleagues on news and topics about the field and arts management in general. I don’t know when the shift happened exactly but last week, it became clear I’m spending more time scrolling through my LinkedIn news feed than Facebook. The reason is straightforward enough: LinkedIn has more relevant content. Sure, that’s …

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Every Single Page At Your Website Needs A Goal

Conversion goals are one of those odd things every arts marketer seems to know they need but for whatever reason, most groups have too many webpages with zero goals. For those on the outside of marketing-jargon, conversion goals are the thing you want a visitor to do at your website. For the most part, they can be broken down into three basic types: Revenue generation: purchasing a ticket or making a …

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Sold-Out Ticket Scams Start Hitting Social Media

Scammers haven’t wasted any time attempting to suck blood from the turnip of burgeoning performing arts org concert activity. The latest attempt to exploit organizations targets events that are at capacity or sell out quickly thanks to limited numbers of seats available due to COVID restrictions. The scam is straightforward enough: Fake user posts a comment to an event post at your Facebook wall saying they have some of the limited …

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Forewarned Is Forearmed: The Latest Social Media Scam

Recently, Joe Patti published an article at ArtsHacker.com that walks you through the way malicious social media bots are beginning to target performing arts organization’s social media feeds. The post provides insight on how to identify bots and why organizations shouldn’t ignore the issue. A new scam seems to have risen in the comments sections of performing arts venue social media pages. It appears that groups are using bots to populate …

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