An Epic #ShareFail

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Just in case you needed another reminder to use Facebook’s Object Debugger for verifying how your images look when shared: In all fairness, the group in question swapped out image with all deliberate speed but it’s still a fabulous #ShareFail. One for the record books.

Thanks For Nothing LinkedIn

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I posted something today at ArtsHacker pointing out a recent decision by LinkedIn to kill off their share counter API, which is what allows websites to show how many times site visitors share a page or post at Linkedin. If you manage your organization’s social media channels, it’s worth pointing out that not only did LinkedIn kill the counter API for all shares going forward but it blitzed the underlying data …

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Because This Business Makes Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon Look Like Child’s Play, That’s Why.

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I’ve always been leery of LinkedIn but there’s no denying it has established itself as a go-to resource if you want to learn more about business contacts. But one item that continues to rub me the wrong way is the emphasis on quantity of contacts over quality. It’s no secret this business makes Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon look like child’s play. As such, who you’re connected to carries far more influence than …

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Low Hanging Fruit Monday: Easy & Useful Social Posts Over The Summer

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If you manage your organization’s social media accounts, you know how difficult it can be to come up with relevant posts that don’t come across as “I can’t think of anything else to post.” If your organization has outdoor events, posting screencaps of weather forecasts is a simple and effective option. Even if your events are indoors, it can still be useful, especially after a long patch of bad weather that …

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Is Your Group Keeping Up With Digital Marketing Trends?

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Capacity Interactive (CI) recently published their fourth annual Arts Industry Digital Marketing Benchmark Study (h/t Thomas Cott) and some of their findings are worth noticing. Moreover, everything covered in the report is covered in one or more how-to articles at Here are some shortcuts to help you drill down into what’s important. Last but not least, there’s even an article about digital advertising for arts organizations written by some guy …

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