The Music Of Trek Podcast Is On Its Way

Over the weekend, I had so much fun recording the Music of Star Trek podcast with an amazing group of friends and colleagues. And whenever you get a group of friends together to geek out, it’s bound to be a good time, and this was no exception. Now that everything is recorded, I can officially announce the crew, all of which share a passion for Trek and come from different aspects …

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Happy Labor Day! Now Get Your Binge On

Take a moment to treat yourself today and get to learn about ins and outs of orchestra management from a humorous perspective by binge-reading all 157 episodes of  Who’s Minding The Score?, a satirical cartoon that provides a behind the scenes look orchestra life. It’s the ideal way to spend some of your Labor Day, really, just take a look at some of these characters…

Blast Off!

Jonathan Jensen isn’t just a bassist in the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, he’s a terrific composer and arranger. He leveraged the latter skills to write Blast Off!, an anthem for the US Space Force, and posted a video of him performing the work on Facebook. It went viral the same day; at the time this article was written, it racked up 157k views and 3.7k shares. Regardless where you fall on the …

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So Funny. So Dark.

Adaptistration People 192

Given the flood of somber headlines this week, I wanted to intentionally post something light because we could all probably use a smile about now. Last May, I pointed out the @ArtsAdminsSay twitter account and since then, it…has…exploded in popularity. Racking up more followers each day, it has 3,261 at the time this article was written. On a per tweet basis, it averages more likes, RTs, and replies than those from the …

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#TBT It’s like “Things That Make You Go Buh?!?” But For Twitter

Adaptistration People 149

One more thing to add in the “I wish I thought of that” file is the new @ArtsAdminsSay twitter account. It’s barely two days old and is already racking up followers. Better still, it’s wallowing in love from arts admin followers and with an endorsement like this, I dare you to not follow: I just started following every person that follows @artsadminssay, because if you're this hip to such an utterly …

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The Music of Star Trek Podcast

Five classical music nerds geek out on the music of star trek.
Featuring arts marketer Ceci Dadisman, conductor and pianist Bill Eddins, Met Opera Orchestra Principal Timpanist Jason Haaheim, composer Rob Deemer, and yours truly, each episode will focus on a specific film, series, composer, or topic.
***Learn more about the project and rewards at Kickstarter.***

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