When “Repressed Joy” Is Your Brand

There’s an absolutely fabulous video making the rounds at Instagram featuring comedian Kimberly Clark in a segment about orchestras…and Gustavo Dudamel. She has quite the fan-crush on Dudamel and while her set is pure gold, there’s more going on that should get your attention. Clark explains how much concerts move her and there’s real sincerity in her delivery. She really likes the way Dudamel’s hair bounces around too but just when …

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Here It Is, Your Holiday Moment Of Zen

While I’m sure we would all love to be at a point of getting burnt out with holiday performances this year, that doesn’t really detract from the enjoyment of this holiday classic. You know it, you love, it, and it just isn’t the holiday season without it…even in 2020: The Messiah Organist Meltdown. If this holiday classic is new to you, give it moment and hang in there until the end; …

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Is There Humor Darker Than Black?

I was planning to publish an update on the Colorado Springs Philharmonic labor dispute today but time got away, but it will go up Monday. In the interim, I can across the following satirical tweet from @OrchestraSay that’s so black, it may well qualify as a quantum singularity. Oprah's handing out new CBAs to ICSOM orchestras!! YOU GET A PER-SERVICE ORCHESTRA!! YOOU GET A PER-SERVICE ORCHESTRA!!!!AND YOOOOOOOOU GET A PER-SERVICE ORCHESTRA!!!!!! …

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Happy Labor Day! If There Was Ever A Time To Get Your Binge On…

Take a moment to treat yourself today and get to learn about ins and outs of orchestra management from a humorous perspective by binge-reading all 157 episodes of  Who’s Minding The Score?, a satirical cartoon that provides a behind the scenes look orchestra life. It’s the ideal way to spend some of your Labor Day, really, just take a look at some of these characters…

Sometimes Silver Linings Are Cathartic

At this point, I am happy to take whatever silver linings I can find and when it comes to coronavirus shutdown silver linings, we’re all starting to see how much employees can accomplish through working remotely. We touched on this topic several weeks ago just as shutdowns were starting to roll out. Ready Or Not, Nonprofit Arts Orgs Need To Start Thinking About Working From Home Options As it turns out, …

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