Arts Admin Merit Badges Will Be A Thing

What a pleasant surprise to see such a positive response to last week’s Arts Admin Merit Badge article I published at ArtsHacker. By far, the most common question was if the merit badges were actually available. Desire was intense. Here’s one of my favs: I’M SERIOUS I WANT THEM. AND I WANT TO WEAR THEM LIKE FLAIR. How can you say no to someone using an Office Space reference and all …

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Happy Labor Day! Now Get Your Binge On

Take a moment to treat yourself today and get to learn about ins and outs of orchestra management from a humorous perspective by binge-reading all 157 episodes of  Who’s Minding The Score?, a satirical cartoon that provides a behind the scenes look orchestra life. It’s the ideal way to spend some of your Labor Day, really, just take a look at some of these characters…

Borg Of Directors

Time for a bit of mid-week dark humor in the form of a Tweet about the overwhelmingly sheeple nature of orchestra boards. When your Orchestra's Board is full of a bunch of mindless followers, you might as well call them Borg of Directors. #StarTrekReference #ResistanceIsFutile — Shit Orchestra Musicians Say (@OrchestraSay) August 26, 2019 For those not espoused in Trek culture, it won’t take you long to get the gag. Anyone …

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Sometimes You Just Need To Look At Some Cat Pictures

Cat and the Fiddle

It has been one of those relentlessly busy weeks and at the end of a long day of work yesterday, a colleague sends along a link to a devo appeal video on Twitter. Turns out, it was one of the worst devo appeal videos I’ve seen in a long time, as in soul-crushingly bad. It was so bad, the only means to remedy was to go look at a bunch of …

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Time To Lighten Up

Adaptistration People 048

After a few days of heavy-duty posts, it’s time to lighten the mood a bit, and what better way than visiting some of the latest tweets from two of my favorite cathartic watering holes. Can we just change the mission statement of the orchestra to: "continuing the tradition of playing white male composers for decades to come" — Shit Orchestra Musicians Say (@OrchestraSay) April 29, 2019 Even though it went through …

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