Sorting Out Religious Discrimination Vaccination Exemptions

Among the numerous details to work out when crafting required vaccination policies is when an employee cites religious objections and requests an exemption. Recently, the 8/30/21 edition of published an article by John Staton that reports on the Wilmington Symphony’s decision to deny a musician’s religious exemption to their required vaccination policy. The article includes the following statement about when an employer isn’t required to accommodate religious belief requests: At …

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Looking To The Past When Thinking About The Philly Orch-Kimmel Center Not-A-Merger

On 6/17/21 The Philadelphia Orchestra and Kimmel Center announced the organizations were “uniting under a new parent company”. Before we dive too deep into the weeds, it’s worth noting that one of the key figures involved here is Anne Ewers, Kimmel Center president and CEO. If that name sounds familiar within the context of merges, you have a good memory because Ewers was the driving force behind the Utah Symphony and Opera …

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It Was The Best Of Times, It Was The Worst Of Times: Board Recruitment In The Age Of COVID

Recruiting board members is a big enough challenge even when all things are equal. During a pandemic, it’s exponentially more challenging. If that weren’t enough, you can layer in all the equity and diversity considerations that keep nipping at the heels of performing arts orgs that they’ve been politely eyeing, but avoiding, for years. But I genuinely do believe this is a best of times scenario. Control and power sharing have …

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Rethinking The Data We Use To Motivate Board Members

It’s no secret that board members are up to their eyeballs in rough news. While there’s no way to avoid it, that doesn’t mean we can’t play the hand we’re dealt and win. For instance, introducing data to keep them motivated and focused on longer term strategic thinking is a great way to pivot from traditional “how much” or “how big” type of reports. There are even opportunities for expanding their …

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Those Soft Landings Are A Sharp Double Edged Sword In Disguise

Joe Patti published a fascinating piece based on something from Vu Le about the notion of soft landings for executive leaders. While I read Le’s post when it came, but I didn’t consider writing anything about it until seeing it through Patti’s lens. In a nutshell, the “soft landing” concept here applies to the way conservatives (yes, in the political sense) approach caring for executive leaders. Le provides a pretty succinct …

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