I’m Not Sure This Qualifies As “If It’s Not Broke…”

Adaptistration People 131

Just a small amount of fun to round out your week in the form of this brilliantly sarcastic tweet from @ArtsAdminSay: Let’s get a group of white men together to teach us about diversity and inclusion in the arts. — Shit Arts Administrators Say (@artsadminssay) February 19, 2019 I can’t love this account enough. It’s like Vu Le’s NonProfitAF but fewer words…and no ad overload. Although I shouldn’t be too snarky, …

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Are Atonal Musicians Even Allowed To Have A Sense Of Humor?

A country singer walks into a recording studio and reminisces in song about his late father who was a composer of atonal music. No, it’s not the setup line to the latest joke at the expense of atonal composers, it’s a real thing. While there’s no shortage of tongue-in-cheek fun, this is a real song, Copyright 2019 Merle Songs (ASCAP), written by Merle Hazard. Right out of the gate, the lyrics are …

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Because Who Doesn’t Need A Smile? @ArtsAdminSay

The notorious @ArtsAdminSay Twitter account has been on a tear as of late and is leaving swath of dark humor destruction in its path. In case you ever wondered if it was possible to laugh and simultaneously have a little part of you die on the inside, the answer is yes…yes it is. Be sure to read the replies. Marketing: We had 500 brand new households purchase tickets for our last …

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The Music Of Trek Podcast Is On Its Way

Over the weekend, I had so much fun recording the Music of Star Trek podcast with an amazing group of friends and colleagues. And whenever you get a group of friends together to geek out, it’s bound to be a good time, and this was no exception. Now that everything is recorded, I can officially announce the crew, all of which share a passion for Trek and come from different aspects …

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Happy Labor Day! Now Get Your Binge On

Take a moment to treat yourself today and get to learn about ins and outs of orchestra management from a humorous perspective by binge-reading all 157 episodes of  Who’s Minding The Score?, a satirical cartoon that provides a behind the scenes look orchestra life. It’s the ideal way to spend some of your Labor Day, really, just take a look at some of these characters…


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