When “Repressed Joy” Is Your Brand

There’s an absolutely fabulous video making the rounds at Instagram featuring comedian Kimberly Clark in a segment about orchestras…and Gustavo Dudamel. She has quite the fan-crush on Dudamel and while her set is pure gold, there’s more going on that should get your attention. Clark explains how much concerts move her and there’s real sincerity in her delivery. She really likes the way Dudamel’s hair bounces around too but just when …

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Here’s An Idea To Help Build On All Of Your Virtual Programming Initiatives

Thomas Wolf published an article on 2/24/2021 at his blog that’s interesting in that it reaches all the way back to the over-funded, now defunct Concert Companion project. Nutshell: Wolf presupposes one of the reasons why Concert Companion failed was because it was focused primarily on use during the live concert. Ironically enough, in an attempt to enhance the experience, it placed too much demand on the user for attention that …

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A Road Map For Digital Programming From Sequoia Symphony

At the end of last week, the Sequoia Symphony Orchestra (SSO) published a teaser video about their upcoming Music Uplink digital series. I managed to get a head’s up about the program when recording an upcoming Shop Talk episode with SSO music director Bruce Kiesling and Niccolo Go, Partner and Creative Director at Go Creative Group (the company that partnered with the SSO to create the series). They described the program …

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Weapon’s Grade Elitism In 800 Words Or Less

Last weekend, I attended a Beethoven Festival concert here in Chicago featuring John Elliot Gardiner’s Orchestre Révolutionnaire et Romantique. In a word, the group was exquisite. But I’m not a music critic so their musicality isn’t the subject of today’s post. Instead, we’re going to examine the program notes. Typically, I don’t even bother reading program notes, but this one drew me in thanks to some top-notch art design. I have …

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Creating Better Surveys Using Narrative Driven Questions

Adaptistration People 060

Audience surveys have been around for ages but most I come across are still rooted firmly in an old-school approach that relies on a certain level of understanding on the part of respondents in order to be effective. But there’s value in considering an approach that relies more on narrative driven questions. Narrative driven questions combine description and explanation of personal experiences in order to understand or explain reactions and behaviors, …

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