Creating Better Surveys Using Narrative Driven Questions

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Audience surveys have been around for ages but most I come across are still rooted firmly in an old-school approach that relies on a certain level of understanding on the part of respondents in order to be effective. But there’s value in considering an approach that relies more on narrative driven questions. Narrative driven questions combine description and explanation of personal experiences in order to understand or explain reactions and behaviors, …

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Why Yes, Ben Folds Is All Kinds Of Cool

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We’ve taken a look at singer/songwriter Ben Folds’ work within the live orchestra field a few times over the years and his recent work with the National Symphony Orchestra (NSO) was the focus of a Fox News Power Player segment on 2/16/2020. Folds, who serves as an Artistic Advisor at the NSO, has always been an engaging advocate for live music and the segment does a fantastic job at capturing his …

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Examining The LA Opera’s Pilot Program To Put Opera Into Popular Media Culture Part 2

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Over the 2014/15 and 2015/16 seasons, the Los Angeles (LA) Opera implemented a program to promote opera to the general public by placing opera and opera-related stories and images in popular television, film, and other entertainment media. The program came about thanks to an Opera America’s Building Opera Audiences grant. Part 1 in this series examined the program’s scope and implementation and today’s installment will focus on what the LA Opera …

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Examining The LA Opera’s Pilot Program To Put Opera Into Popular Media Culture Part 1

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In 2014, I served as an adjudicator for an Opera America grant panel. One of the grant recipients was the Los Angeles (LA) Opera, which used the funding to initiate a pilot program to put opera into popular media culture. At the time, it was an ambitious and intriguing program. Here’s how the organization described the program in their grant proposal: LA Opera seeks to pilot a program to more heavily …

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Must-Read Friday

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When faced with all the challenges that are genuinely out of our control, it never ceases to surprise me when nonprofit performing arts organizations overlook the things they have control over. Earlier this week, Joe Patti published an article that examines one of the most commonly overlooked issues: creating an environment that fosters a sense of inclusion and belonging. Or to perhaps be more specific, it’s an issue that does get …

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