New For Remote Job Category

For the immediate future, remote working is a fact of life for arts organizations. So in order to help both employers and job seekers connect, I created a new Remote work category at Arts Admin Jobs. Employers can combine it with ever other existing category (marketing, development, production, executive, etc.) and job seekers can use it as a job listings filter. The goal is to help connect employers and employees and …

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Even In The Current Climate, There Are Jobs To Be Found

It’s times like the current job market that make me especially happy about the decision to set up a completely free resource for both employers and job seekers. While most organizations are doing a great job at maintaining* as much of their workforce as possible, that doesn’t mean arts administrators aren’t feeling the pain. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that opportunities aren’t at usual levels, but that’s not to …

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Taking Stock Friday

Sometimes, it feels like the days just melt away, but it’s better to be busy than bored. To that end, here are some of the things that occupy my time as of late. Consulting Work I’m very happy to say that the musician employment agreement model I wrote about back in April 2019 is starting to catch on. While I can’t go into nearly as much detail as that article, I …

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Thanks to the large amount of interest for starting a weekly email digest of all the recently added listings at, I’m happy to report that email list is up and running for business. It will go out every Friday and include all the current featured listings plus all new listings since the previous notification. All of this means you can kiss FOMO goodbye and stay connected in style. You can …

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Survey: Would You Be Interested In A New Dedicated Arts Admin Jobs Weekly Digest?

Adaptistration People 187

Just when I think may have plateaued into a healthy cycle of listings, it always seems to jump up to the next level. To that end, there have been quite a few new listings several of which are featured. I all kinds of happy to see listings from such a broad cross section of groups. Yes, there are plenty from the orchestra field but you’ll find a number from the …

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