ArtsAdminJobs Crosses A Milestone

This week marks the first time Arts Admin Jobs (AAJ) had 100 active listings since its launch in 2011! Growth over the past two months has been simply fantastic, not only have the quantity of listings increased but so has the diversity. There are openings in academic, choral, dance, festivals, museums, nonprofit service orgs, operas, performing arts centers, orchestras, and theaters. In fact, the only sector that doesn’t have a listing …

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Automating Time Consuming Tasks

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as automation. Moving time consuming, repetitive tasks off your plate is a real treat but when it comes to anything in the digital word, good automation usually requires time to build and can be expensive. But every now and then, middleware solutions like Zapier can provide reliable automation that is comparatively easy to set up. Case in point, Zapier’s functionality has become more refined in recent …

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Arts And Culture Employers Prefer Arts Admin Jobs

Recently, I distributed a survey to all the arts and culture employers that have posted job listings at Arts Admin Jobs (AAJ). The survey asked them to rate their user experience and return on investment compared to four other well known jobs boards that specialize in the arts and culture sector+. Out of 896 employer accounts, just over 300 responded and the results are clear: employers overwhelmingly prefer AAJ’s job submission …

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Some Fascinating Shifts In Job Seeker Stats

2022 continues to see a big increase in the number of job posts at Arts Admin Jobs but while checking in on quarterly stats, I found some fascinating trends taking shape. Job seekers are getting younger. Compared to the same period from 2021, the 18-24 age group went from 14.29% of all traffic to 23.23%. That’s going from the smaller to largest age group in the space of one year. There’s …

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Nothing Like User Feedback To Help Make Things Better

Today’s post begins with analytics. I was examining the user flow for organization’s posting job listings at to see if any of the changes rolled out over the last few months had any unexpected negative impact. The good news is the answer was no; at the same time, I did discover one step in the submission process that took users much longer to complete than everything else. As it turns …

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