You Have More Control Than You Think

I finally found the time to write some code that displays the total number of entries in ArtsAdminJobs’ Candidate Database. It’s the most common question I get from employers interested in purchasing a subscription. I get it. Why would anyone want to buy a subscription to a database without knowing how many entries exist? I’ve been meaning to get this done for several weeks and as of today, I’m happy to …

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All The Jobs And Candidates In One Platform

Over the last week, there have been 15 new listings at, which brings the total number submitted for November up to 23. That’s only four behind the total for all of October. Currently, there are 33 full time positions, six part time positions, and eight internships across every sector and in every department (except music director and conductor openings). On the other end of the employment coin is the all-time …

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We Seem To Have Reached A Good Tipping Point

It seems like every time I turn around, there’s a new job posting at In the last four days, eight new jobs have been posted and two new profiles have been added to the arts admin resume database. It continues to make be feel increasingly hopeful for the near future, doubly so given the broad range of positions currently listed. There are 41 listings across symphonic, theatre, festivals, dance, opera, …

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How Did We Find Employees Before This?

I’m very happy to see the response coming in for the new Candidate Database at Arts Admin Jobs. We keep receiving new profile submissions on an almost daily basis (submit yours now) and each one gets us one step closer to fundamentally changing the way nonprofit arts and culture orgs go about finding talent. The Goal The Candidate Database should be the first stop any employer makes on the path for …

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Forward Thinking Arts And Culture Organizations Are Only As Good As Their People

I’m very pleased to say Arts Admin Jobs’ Candidate Database is officially open for business! To help celebrate, I’m running a 25% off launch special, which brings the monthly cost down to only $15/mo. Act fast, it’s only good through May 31, 2021. But wait, there’s more… I have something special for job seekers as well: a new job filter to show openings looking for remote, hybrid, or in-office work locations.