The Simple Joy Of Telling People To Go Away

If nothing else, the pandemic has made everyone aware of the need for establishing work/home boundaries in a home office setting. If only one person is working form home, that’s not too challenging but when you have two or more people regularly traveling through each other’s space, it’s not so straightforward. Case in point, I’ve always had a dedicated home office space but since March 2020, my wife has been working …

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You Don’t See This Every Day

We live in interesting times which means we get to see a lot of interesting things. Case in point, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra announced an event on April 30 and May 1 that will not only include members of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra but serve as a benefit for the Met Orchestra Musician fund and relief for Dallas-Fort Worth Musicians. If someone told me 18 months ago that a large budget …

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A Year Wiser With Remote Working

Joe Patti beat me to the punch with his blog post yesterday that references an article by Rani Molla in the 3/23/21 edition of that reports on some research from various academic and corporate sources. What really jumps out at me are the way data is used to confirm or refute assumptions, such as younger age groups would be more inclined to want to continue working from home thanks to …

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Quickbooks Rolls Out Fee Increase During Pandemic

Quickbooks sent users an email on 3/10/21 notifying them the ACH (Automated Clearing House) payment option that allows clients to pay invoices with funds directly from a bank account was going from a no-fee payment option to charging a one percent fee. Even worse is they are only giving users one month advance notice. As a Quickbooks users, I as pretty upset when this email arrived and immediately called their billing …

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Are You Planning A Big Blowout For Your Inaugural Post-COVID Concerts?

Not long after the onset of pandemic shutdowns, a living wage orchestra decided to cancel the entire season and a comment from their board chair caught my eye. The chair mentioned that even though they were shuttering for an extended period of time, he was sure the musicians would be able to come back at a moment’s notice to resume the same performances audiences were used to. On one hand, that …

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