Shhh…Recovery In Process

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I am so looking forward to getting back into a productive work routine. Fortunately, all of the office renovations are officially complete, the furniture is moved in, office cats are settling down, and there’s a full weekend to get caught up. That means I can finally get back to writing the Seattle Symphony Orchestra (SSO) pension overview I promised back in June. There’s an existing draft that is mostly complete but …

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#TBT Oregon Bach Fest Still Digging Up

If the Oregon Bach Festival (OBF) hoped time might soften its beleaguered status, a painstaking comprehensive review of their season written by veteran culture journalist Tom Manoff and published in the 8/13/2018 edition of Oregon ArtsWatch demonstrates those aspirations have yet to materialize. Manoff paints a picture of OBF as a group struggling to dig out of a year-old public relations mess. He takes particularly careful aim at the impact losing …

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It’s Alive!

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The National Arts Marketing Project Conference (#NAMPC) started rolling session pages for their Nov 9-12 conference in Seattle, WA and that means my Everything Tech Providers Wished You Knew About Writing An RFP (Plus The Stuff They Want To Keep Secret) has its very own digital corner of the conference site. My co-presenter and I have made some adjustments to the session, so it’s geared to be even more applicable to …

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Talking Compensation

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Ever since the very first Orchestra Compensation Report, the goal of the annual series is to help get past surface value salaciousness and into thoughtful conversation. To that end, I am very proud to see the topic continuing to take root across several mediums. While away on hiatus, the New York Times published an article on 7/27/18 by Zachary Woolfe that takes a very deep dive into this issue. To date, …

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Some Thoughts On The Washington Post Sexual Misconduct and Assault Article

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Note: this post was originally published as an essay on my Facebook wall while I was away on hiatus. This is an updated version. In the wake of the Washington Post’s 7/26/18 article that reports allegations of sexual assault against Cleveland Orchestra concertmaster William Preucil, there has been no shortage of online discussion. Given how small this business is, the bulk of those conversations run emotionally hot. Simply put, it’s difficult …

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