You Don’t See This Every Day

Here’s something you don’t see every day: the CEO at one of the largest budget orchestras stepping down out of the blue with nothing more than a 184-word press release announcing the news. But that’s exactly what happened yesterday at the LA Phil where the organization announced Simon Woods was no longer the CEO. The entire announcement was a scant 184 words: On behalf of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association, Board …

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If Anyone Finds A Workday On The Floor, It’s Mine

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The best thing about national holidays is the worst thing about national holidays: many of us can take the day off. But when you get to the end of the shortened work week, it always feels like you’re a little behind. And that’s precisely where I’m at today wondering how on earth Friday snuck up so quickly. It’s not a complaint inasmuch as a realization fueled by how easy it is …

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Time To Update Your LinkedIn Profile

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It’s the beginning of the season so now is as good a time as any to suck it up and update your LinkedIn profile. During its early years I assumed LinkedIn would be one of the numerous social media platforms to go extinct, but they’ve managed to make it through so regardless how many steps it takes, it pays to keep your profile information up to date. Case in point, over …

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The Gig Economy Gets A Taste Of Regulatory Oversight

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Back in May, we pointed out an article that was examining the business practices of Sofar Sounds, a presenter of non-classical music events in small venues. In a nutshell, the company’s business model has come under scrutiny of the New York State Department of Labor, who confirmed an investigation into Sofar Sounds is in motion. An article by Matthew Ismael Ruiz broke the news at According to the original article …

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Domingo’s Response To #MeToo Allegations Continues To Raise Eyebrows

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The 8/14/2019 edition of the LA Times published an article by Catherine Womack that examines a cross section of concern in response to Plácido Domingo’s public statement in the wake of several #MeToo allegations. This is the same public statement we examined earlier this week that I described as “lead[ing] with a softly worded denial that simultaneously plants a seed of doubt then pivots into a sympathetic tone that projects contrition …

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