End Your Week With A Little Acknowledgement And Gratitude

H/T to Joe Patti for bringing the #MyBreakthrough campaign to my attention. Nutshell: it’s an effort by UK based Arts Emergency to help realize how important it is to encourage and provide opportunities for emerging talent. By encouraging people to tag & tweet about the person(s) who “gave you some key advice or encouragement early in your career,” it helps veteran arts professionals just as much as it does emerging talent. …

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The Latest Star Trek Soundtrack Is Quite Possibly One Of The Best

It’s taken more than a year since the series launched but Chris Westlake’s soundtrack for Star Trek: Lower Decks is finally available. And while the powers that be at Paramount decided to make everyone wait, at least they fit music from both of the current seasons into a single album. The album went straight to the #1 spot for soundtracks on iTunes on release so that says a little something about …

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Labor Disputes And Professional Disclosure

Several readers have reached out since the end of last week asking when I’ll be writing something about the San Antonio Symphony. All things being equal, I would write something but, in this case, I must point out the Professional Disclosure policy published in the footer that has been in place at Adaptistration for the last 15 years. Given the author’s position as an arts consultant and technology provider, he does …

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And Just Like That, Comments Are Back

I’m very happy to say that a new solution for comments presented itself in less time than I initially anticipated so as of today, comments are back! Here’s what you can expect: In order to leave a comment, you will need to log in using a valid Google account. This is to prevent anonymous comments and reduce comment spam. Select the Google account you want to use for leaving a comment. …

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Look At That, A New Old Logo

Carnegie Hall unveiled a new logo and branding content and at a time when most groups seem to be looking forward, they did an about face to settle with a copy and paste of existing designs. For the full logo, they kept it simple and went with a text-only version that uses the same font found in an original stained glass windows. While there’s claim that the new version added “bespoke …

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