Sick Day

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I’m taking a sick day so just a quick post linking over to something from culture writer Brian Wise back in July, 2017: Five Things Every Orchestra Website Should Get Right. Of particular interest is the recommendation about date formats: International users: Your date format should be clear and understandable outside the U.S. (as much of the world doesn’t follow a month/day/year format and wall-style calendars often start on Mondays). About two …

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White House Proposes Eliminating NEA (again)

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Although it comes as no surprise, the White House has once again proposed eliminating National Endowment of the Arts (NEA) and the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). Ideally, everything will unfold in similar fashion as it did during last year’s assault. Although President Trump has made it clear he thinks the Arts and Humanities are nothing but waste, it helps to remember that the previous GOP presidential candidate proposed the …

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Mea Culpa Friday

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I know yesterday’s post teased up something special for today, but it turns out life had other plans and when faced with rushing to get out what I consider an important post, I decided to wait until Monday. I would like to acknowledge this by offering the following three-part apology: I acknowledge that even though I teased up a special post for today, it didn’t happen. It’s no fun to expect …

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Lab Coats And Mallets

OIM Syndrome

Last month we examined a music listening blog from violinist Timothy Judd and I want to take a moment today and point out another relatively new culture blog written by Jason Haaheim, Principal Timpanist of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra…oh, he’s also a scientist with nearly a dozen patents and more than twice that number in scientific publications. Since his inaugural post examining what it’s like to move from the world of scientific …

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Orchestra: The Board Game!

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Board games are apparently hot right now; everything from the traditional table top offerings you probably remember as a kid as well as a rapidly growing field geared toward adults. Those latter offerings have gone a long way toward expanding the notion of games beyond win or lose. In a timely post, Joe Patti published an article that examines a game designed by the city of Helsinki “to facilitate conversations and …

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