2018/19 Season Is Now Available At The Orchestra 990 Download Library

Today’s a good day because all the 2018-2019 season files have been processed and added to the  downloadable Orchestra 990s at the Adaptistration Store. This brings the total number of seasons up to 20. A big thank you to everyone who has already purchased copies and keep in mind, the more you buy, the less it costs thanks to automatic quantity discounts (no need to muck about with coupons or discount codes): purchase 2-5: …

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Juilliard Students to Admin: We’re Not Gonna Take It

Getting a music degree from a name brand conservatory or school of music is mind-numbingly expensive. Investing in this type of career carries more risk now than I can remember and given the amount of debt students absorb chasing those degrees, it wasn’t unusual to see them do the comparative math and opt to take a year off over the pandemic. Now that things are starting to get back up and …

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Happy Memorial Day

Even though I’m taking the week off, that doesn’t mean we’re skipping the annual Memorial Day post.  So whether you’re home all day staying safe and healthy enjoying the holiday with family and friends or your orchestra is putting on a performance today, try to take a few moments to remember the reason for the holiday. To that end, I wanted to include a little something special today in the form …

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Time For A Little Milestone R&R

I’m turning 50 this week and as a little gift to myself, I decided to take the week off. I’m not much into birthdays but they do serve as a nice reminder to step back and take a look around. For instance: Just over 4,500 posts have been published. I was 32 when this blog was launched. Adaptistration has spawned four spinoff sites: Who’s Minding The Score? a cartoon about orchestra …

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I Feel Like I May Have To Say This A Lot Over The Next Several Weeks

We’re only a month or so away from this year’s installment of the Orchestra Compensation Reports, where we take a deep dive into compensation trends among orchestra executives, music directors, and concertmasters at more than 65 professional U.S. orchestras. Each year, there are always some readers that presume the figures are for the most recent year, but the reality is the most recent season available with data for every potential orchestra …

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