It Isn’t Often You See This Much Potential For Artistic Change

The 8/3/2021 edition of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette published an article by Jeremy Reynolds that takes a deeper than normal look at the 13 openings at the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (PSO). 13 simultaneous openings at an orchestra of this budget size that isn’t emerging from a major labor dispute and/or financial implosion is highly unusual. What’s more, five of those are principal level positions and one fixed seat position. 1st violins, three …

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Humanizing The Impact Of The Pandemic On Musicians

While it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that the pandemic has seen numerous arts administrators and musicians leave the field entirely, it’s one thing to look at it as a statistic and something else entirely to humanize it. To that end, Jeremey Reynolds wrote an excellent article for the 7/22/21 edition of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that examines a cross section of musicians and their decision to stay or leave …

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More On The Dynamic Impact Of COIVD

Usually, these posts focus on how the pandemic generates dynamic expenses and considerations for the organization but today we’re going to focus on musicians; specifically, string musicians. This dynamic cost consideration is really more of a double-edged sword. On one hand, if a string musician was playing considerably less over the pandemic, the need for regular maintenance items like changing strings or getting bows rehaired has been lower. At the same …

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#TBT Thinking Ahead On Overscale

While the post-pandemic environment may not seem like an opportune time for musician stakeholders to think about overscale, rest assured, it is. If you aren’t familiar with individual overscale agreements, these are the contracts that certain orchestra musicians utilize to negotiate terms above and beyond those set forth in the collective bargaining agreement (CBA). They are negotiated outside the auspices of the CBA between the musician and the association. In short, …

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Looks Like Concern Over COVID Related Injuries Has A Ceiling

I am officially declaring defeat on finding a pair of CEO guests to for the executive decision maker installment of the series of podcasts I was doing about what orchestras of all budget size should be considering when planning for post-COVID concert activity. It is genuinely disappointing to see that this is such a third-rail topic among executives and if nothing else, that should raise the alert level among musician stakeholders. …

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