Cultural Inspiration Poll Results

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Last Friday’s poll asking readers about which sort of non-classical music outlets the rely on for cultural inspiration provided some fun results. Just under 300 responses have come in and here’s where things are (since the time this article was published). It’s fascinating to see the most common option was non-classical music events. At the same time, it is great to see that most of the options were more or less …

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Poll: Where Does Your Inspiration Come From?

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Spoiler: it isn’t unusual for those working inside the orchestra or opera field to find cultural inspiration at anywhere but music-oriented organizations. Over the past five years, I’ve found myself drifting more towards non-orchestra/opera outlets to top off my internal cultural tank. And after a few particularly intriguing conversations, I’m curious to know what readers think. As such I put together a little poll to see if one or more fields …

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Board Life Cycle Pop Quiz

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Are you a performing arts organization executive or board member? If so, then get ready because today’s post is a pop quiz. According to Julia Classen, co-founder and president of Aurora Consulting, Inc., adjunct faculty member at the University of Minnesota’s Hubert Humphrey School of Public Affairs, and a senior fellow at the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits (fit that on a business card, I dare you!), which of the following is …

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Poll: How Important Is Diversity To Programming

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Yesterday’s post examining the ratio of programming between living/deceased, male/female, and ethnicity for the 2017/18 season has generated a good deal of discussion throughout social media. Consequently, I’m curious to know what readers think when it comes to diversity in programming. In order to help keep things straightforward, please consider the questions within the context of mainstage programming only, so nothing from pop, chamber, etc. We could easily continue down this …

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Where Do You Think Things Are Headed For The Arts During A Trump Presidency?

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The 11/23/2016 edition of the Washington Post published a fascinating article by Geoff Edgers that examined the potential impact a Trump administration would have on the arts. In a nutshell, the reaction among most of Edgers’ high profile arts org CEO interviews could be best described as “brace for impact.” But given that today is when the Electoral College meet, I’m curious to gauge your level of expectations on where things …

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