Did Facebook’s Outage Impact Your Campaign Performance?

In the wake of Facebook’s massive outage yesterday, it’s amazing to see how many ways it can impact your operations. For instance, some of my Venture users that rely on live connections found the outage caused some page load slowdowns. In most cases, you wouldn’t even notice it unless you were measuring them but since we do measure those speeds, some changes were enough to trip some performance alarms and require …

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Office Return Poll Results: Arts Admins Want Everything

Last week’s survey asking readers about their current remote work status and if they are developing any preference for going back to the office or staying remote generated a good bit excitement. At just over 400 responses, let’s take a look at what we discovered. Most Arts Admins Are Working Remote Only a quarter of respondents indicating working a hybrid in-office/remote schedule while 2/3 were still firmly working from home. Only …

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Reader Poll: Will You Return To The Office/Venue?

Now that vaccines are rolling out in earnest, more and more arts orgs are starting to talk about bringing their workforce back to the office. While we took a closer look at this topic last week, I’m curious to know what orchestra managers think about returning to work. Granted, there will always be positions that have to work on location but I’m still curious to know what readers think about returning. …

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The Risk Of Physical Injury Is Only Half Of The Equation

Everyone is in for such a treat with tomorrow’s Shop Talk episode on the topic of what orchestras of all budget size should be considering when planning for post-COVID concert activity. This installment features a panel of musician stakeholders and one of them, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra Principal Bassoon Catherine Chen, proposed one of the most thought-provoking considerations. Specifically, she was concerned not only about the very real physical risks but the …

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