When It Comes To Labor Disputes, Winning Is Only The Beginning

After failing to offer musicians a contract for the 2021-22 season, the musicians of the Springfield Symphony Orchestra (MA) and Local 171 of the American Federation of Musicians, which represents the unionized musicians, filed a complaint against the employer with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) on September 4, 2021. The NLRB recently ruled in favor of the musicians and ordered the employer to pay the musicians $274,406 in back wages. …

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#TBT The Negotiation Process Continues To Evolve

One of the consistently popular posts at Adaptation is the negotiation historical timeline. Originally written in 2004, it started with the 1950s and ended with the 2010s. Having said that, the 2010 section was based on barely half a decade of time. Given the firm toehold we have on 2022, it’s high time to update the article with a clear retrospective on the 2010s and to shed a little light on …

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The Latest Example Of An Orchestra Benefitting From The Decision To Maintain Activity Over The Pandemic

As a quick follow-up to yesterday’s post, I wanted to point out an article by Janelle Gelfand in the 11/6/21 edition of the Cincinnati Business Courier that examines the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra’s (CSO) recently ratified collective bargaining agreement (CBA). Nutshell: The CSO opted against shuttering over the pandemic and instead, the stakeholders worked to find ways to present concert activity as safely as possible. Over the pandemic, the CSO opted for …

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Colorado Springs Finally Has A Deal

All it took was more than a year and some of the pandemic-era labor dispute PR for the Colorado Springs Philharmonic’s executive leadership to end up pretty much right where could have landed a few short months into their dispute. If you aren’t already familiar with the details, things became ugly following the employer’s decision to cancel the union agreement. Since then, the musicians offered sizeable financial and work rules concessions, just like …

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The Met Settles: Here Are Some Details That Are Probably New To You

On Tuesday, 8/24/2021, The Metropolitan Opera announced it had reached an agreement with the musicians’ union that will get the opera company back up and running by early September. While a copy of the final agreement has yet to be released, I did manage to secure some details from inside sources with firsthand knowledge. The four-year term generates a 20 percent cumulative cut for existing musicians that comes from a variety …

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