Reader Response: “More POO At The POA*”

Ok, the catchy title for today’s article isn’t my idea.  It was the subject line from an email I received from a Philadelphia Orchestra patron, Eric Bruskin.  Eric wrote in to ask a few poignant questions and offer some of his observations about how the POA board of directors has decided to use the orchestra’s website as a venue for the ongoing negotiations with the musicians. “I live in Philly and …

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What On Earth Is Going On At Philadelphia?

On Tuesday, July 13th, a big blue banner link on the home page at the Philadelphia Orchestra entitled “Securing The Future, Negotiations Update” appeared.  This was quite a surprise to see since it’s customary for both sides involved in a contract negotiation to have a press blackout.

According to a representative from the AFM Symphonic Services division, there’s nothing legally preventing the management from posting something like this on the web site.  Technically, they own it so they get to decide what goes up.

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