One of the reasons we have violence in the schools is we’ve taken music out of the schools.


Today’s title is a quote from legendary jazz artist Byard Lancaster who died in 2012 of cancer and in the wake of yet another school shooting tragedy, his quote cuts to the quick with the problems related to a society that sees culture as a luxury rather than a basic building block of becoming a happy and healthy member of society. Neo Classical’s author, Holly Mulcahy, wrote about this very point …

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Is It Hip To Use Square?

The one benefit of having such a fantastic group of readers is I can always count on them to help fill the gaps in my direct knowledge. Case in point, I’m hoping that someone out there has had some firsthand experience with the credit card reader and processing service from…

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If nothing else, this season has been one of reflection but one of the more tiring discussions is whether or not the arts add value to society. Of course they do, but it seems that a society which enjoys a high standard of living can forget all too easily just how important the arts are beyond the realm of live performance…

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