Embracing Innovation Over Hibernation

There’s a fabulous piece making the rounds written by Seth Pinsky that was originally published in the 6/13/2020 edition of cnn.com. Pinsky, the former head of New York’s Economic Development Corporation under Mayor Bloomberg and the CEO of the 92nd Street Y, provides the cultural sector with exactly the right advice at exactly the right time. Now that we’re starting to see the very beginnings of cancellations from larger budget orchestras …

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It’s Time To Leave Panic Mode Behind

There’s no shortage of panic inducing discussions and news floating around. Big budget groups like the Guthrie Theater and The Met have announced or are telegraphing the punch of prolonged closures that gut most of the 20/21 season. If that weren’t enough, the timing of service organization annual conferences happened to fall right when we’re still only beginning to learn more about coronavirus. Early studies projected an apocalyptic future and those …

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#TBT Commencement Season

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It’s that time of year when colleges are sending their recent crop of graduates into the great unknown and that means commencement speeches. Based on experience, I try to avoid commencement speeches but every now and then, something really special turns up. Case in point, I posted something back in 2012 about Neil Gaiman’s Commencement Speech at the University of the Arts: Make. Good. Art. Fortunately, there’s an excellent quality video …

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Where Did I Put Those Grumpy Pants?

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Douglas Rosenthal published a delightful article at Who’s Your Audience? that puts a fun spin on the traditional New Year’s resolution theme by coming up with a shortlist of things he doesn’t want to hear you talking about connected to the classical music field. Admittedly, I write this post wearing my Grumpy Pants. But I’m also donning my Optimism Cardigan. I challenge you not to love anything following that. Rosenthal’s quartet …

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Are We Using “The Imprimatur Of A Brand Name As A Shortcut For Hiring Decisions?”

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There’s a fantastic post by Joe Patti in the 7/24/17 edition of Butts In The Seats that examines a decision by Harvard University to suspend graduate admissions for their theatre program after multiple years of unacceptable debt-to-earning potential for graduates. Patti’s article is a riff on a Chicago Tribune article by chief theater critic and arts reporter Chris Jones. Although both gentlemen work mostly in the theatre world, their thought provoking …

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