Juilliard Students Continue To Seek A Tuition Freeze

Right before the compensation report week, we examined how Juilliard Students were protesting tuition hikes and since then, the situation has exploded. The New York Times and Rolling Stones both covered the story along with sector-specific outlets like Inside Higher Education. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the school’s administration has kept to a tight list of talking points but thanks reports in the aforementioned outlets, it became clear that they weren’t afraid to use …

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Juilliard Students to Admin: We’re Not Gonna Take It

Getting a music degree from a name brand conservatory or school of music is mind-numbingly expensive. Investing in this type of career carries more risk now than I can remember and given the amount of debt students absorb chasing those degrees, it wasn’t unusual to see them do the comparative math and opt to take a year off over the pandemic. Now that things are starting to get back up and …

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#TBT Navigating Frustration

While cautious optimism is paving the road ahead, it’s worth remembering that there is no shortage of stakeholders returning who have been out of loop long for quite some time. Consequently, there could be instances of frustration flare ups after the initial warm and fuzzies surrounding being back. In order to deal with that when it happens (not if), it’s worth taking a moment to prepare so the emotion doesn’t hit …

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Embracing Innovation Over Hibernation

There’s a fabulous piece making the rounds written by Seth Pinsky that was originally published in the 6/13/2020 edition of cnn.com. Pinsky, the former head of New York’s Economic Development Corporation under Mayor Bloomberg and the CEO of the 92nd Street Y, provides the cultural sector with exactly the right advice at exactly the right time. Now that we’re starting to see the very beginnings of cancellations from larger budget orchestras …

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It’s Time To Leave Panic Mode Behind

There’s no shortage of panic inducing discussions and news floating around. Big budget groups like the Guthrie Theater and The Met have announced or are telegraphing the punch of prolonged closures that gut most of the 20/21 season. If that weren’t enough, the timing of service organization annual conferences happened to fall right when we’re still only beginning to learn more about coronavirus. Early studies projected an apocalyptic future and those …

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