Thinking About 21-22 Season Planning

The 11/17/2020 edition of NPR broadcast an interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci where he talked about impending coronavirus vaccines and timelines. While he was quite clear that plans can change at any moment, the general population rollout will occur at some point toward the end of April or later. “By the time you get to, let’s say, the end of April, the beginning of May, June, July, as we get into …

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Updating The Employment Status For Displaced Orchestra Administrators

Back in September, we examined five months of data that measured the employment status of orchestra stakeholders. By the end of the that time, just over half of administrators were unemployed, with 31 percent indicating they were underemployed and only 17 percent were fully employed. I wanted to take a moment to gather some data on administrators that indicated being unemployed. Specifically, I think it’s important to discover how many remain …

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Is Your Group At A Point Where Your Board Is Ready For Committees?


When Eric Rubio reached out with an idea about a guest author post for ArtsHacker my first thought was “what a great topic, I wish I thought of that.” It focuses on the point in an organization’s evolution where a board will begin to operate more efficiently with a standing committee structure. Drawing from recent experience, Rubio put together an outline that covers when it’s time to form committees, obtaining a …

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COVID-19 Results And Vaccine Status Checks Are On The Horizon

While research like Project RESTART-19 is working on helping venues determine which measures help keep patrons as safe as can be expected, providers like Ticketmaster are exploring what can be done at their point of contact as literal gatekeepers. Billboard published an article on 11/11/20 by Dave Brooks that examines how the ticketing provider is attempting to use information gathered by commercial healthcare companies to verify if patrons have recently tested negative …

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Shop Talk, Last Call: Listen To The Situation

At the end of S01E07, guest Scot Silberstein inadvertently set up a fantastic topic for a Last Call installment around the idea of the Stephen R. Covey quote “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” It triggered a fascinating exchange in how that applies to arts orgs and their audiences. Guests


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