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Ever since Thomas Cott retired his newsletter, arts admins have been looking for a good replacement. To that end, #ArtsMarketingMaven, Ceci Dadisman, recently launched ArtsMail which she describes as “a weekly email digest chock-full of useful information for arts administrators. The content is curated by arts marketer (and admitted arts administration nerd) Ceci Dadisman. Each week, you can expect everything from news about what is going on in our industry to …

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Disrupting Musician Employment Agreements

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In her 2015 book, Reinventing Dell: The Innovation Imperative, Heather Simmons, former Dell General Manager and Executive Director of Marketing from 1992-2005 wrote “Those who disrupt their industries change consumer behavior, alter economics, and transform lives.” I couldn’t agree more, but even though disruption inside the classical music field is a tall order, it shouldn’t preclude us from looking for opportunities. As someone who has worked for more than two decades …

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Special Mid-Day Report: Chicago Symphony Cancellations Snowball

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The Chicago Symphony Orchestra Association (CSOA) announced the cancellation or postponement of scheduled concert activity through April 23. This includes four subscription concerts (4/18, 4/19, 4/20, and 4/21) along with 14 additional events. The decision to cut such a large swath of events is an indication that even larger cuts are in store barring a new agreement. The musicians recently rejected the CSOA’s last, best, and final offer as it continued …

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Chicago Issues Last, Best, and Final Offer

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According to a 4/8/2019 press statement from the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Association (CSOA), the organization presented what it defines as its last, best, and final offer to the musicians during a bargaining session on Sunday, 4/7/2019. When asked about the offer’s terms and/or any changes to terms the CSOA has already made public, the organization declined to provide details. Inside the parlance of negotiations, an employer’s last, best, and final offer …

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A Sad Day: Sam Pilafian Has Died


If you aren’t already familiar with tubist Sam Pilafian, you have a wonderful journey ahead of you. Sam was among the first generation of musicians responsible for moving the tuba out of its traditional supporting role and into the stature it deserved. Sadly, Sam passed away over the weekend. Not only was he a musical pioneer, but thanks to his instrument of choice, he was among the early musicians who mastered …

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