Let’s Science the Sh*t Out Of Social Distancing Ticket Revenue

There’s a fascinating article (h/t Rainer Glaap) at ActivityStream.com that examines very positive results from efforts to science our way through maximizing revenue during live events if halls reopen with social distancing regulations in effect. It’s a positive step in the direction we examined from 5/6/2020 in that Activity Stream’s work includes maximum effort analysis to begin calculating optimum seating configurations for sales of single and group adjacent seating. They take …

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When It Comes To Post Covid-19 Event Activity, Don’t Get Sucked Into The Static Analysis Trap

In today’s operating environment, there are no shortages of anxiety triggers. Having said that, it’s not like we should be going out of our way to pile on. Case in point: I’m seeing a lot of static analysis generated alarmism. One of the best examples of this are a few articles making the rounds that all but guarantee social distancing (mandated or otherwise) will make ticket revenue all but useless. The …

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Providing Better Customer Service Through Enhanced User Experience Design

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Recently, my web development firm launched a new orchestra user website and we’re in the initial launch period where the site is live, but they haven’t announced it yet. When the time exists, these serve as great shake-down periods where we can iron out any wrinkles and use some initial visitor feedback and metrics to make last minute tweaks before the formal announcement. This project spent a good bit of time …

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#TBT Straightjackets Of Our Own Design

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It never ceases to amaze me how often missed opportunities are a feature, not a bug. Here’s an example: Tuesday’s post about influencer marketing generated a user email that asked a great question. As a musician I share Holly’s aversion to comps, though, I use them when available. The ‘influencer’ model seems well-suited to the single ticket, brand building world. Another model I’ve tried to encourage would be, instead of comps, …

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Bach’s Office Bandit

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As if comp tickets weren’t already a briar patch of a topic, you now have to worry about them covering up embezzlement. This latest example in alleged nonprofit crime happened right here in Chicago. The Chicago Tribune published an article on 11/10/2017 by John von Rhein that reports Chicago Opera Theater’s (COT) former box office manager managed to allegedly steal more than $100,000 by diverting ticket sale funds to an account …

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