Bach’s Office Bandit

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As if comp tickets weren’t already a briar patch of a topic, you now have to worry about them covering up embezzlement. This latest example in alleged nonprofit crime happened right here in Chicago. The Chicago Tribune published an article on 11/10/2017 by John von Rhein that reports Chicago Opera Theater’s (COT) former box office manager managed to allegedly steal more than $100,000 by diverting ticket sale funds to an account …

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We’re Smart Enough To Fix The Online Ticket Buying Experience (Aren’t We?)

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I enjoyed a fascinating Facebook discussion yesterday that started off with someone ranting about ticket buyers being required to create accounts before being allowed to enter the online purchase process. The stream of anger and frustration from ticket buyers participating in the conversation was palpable but this problem has been known for years yet very little changes. Why aren’t we smarter than that? I’m not at liberty to share a link …

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We’re Still Our Own Worst Enemy When It Comes To The Online Buying Experience

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While attending the 2016 Arts Midwest conference in Milwaukee last month, I noticed one of the sessions was a pro/con debate on the subject of subscriptions. Instinctively, I let out a big sigh then furrowed my brow for a good five minutes. Despite how much time the field spends debating subscriptions, it never ceases to frustrate me that the real conversation is on how much revenue is being left on the …

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Attack Of The 50 Foot Ticket Bots

Ticket Bot

Ticket bots, programs used by unscrupulous ticket resellers to purchase large swaths of available tickets at lightning speed, are back in the news thanks to a sharp increase in predatory reseller tactics. Two articles in particular focusing on this problem are worth your time; the most recent is from the 6/7/2016 edition of the New York Times and the next is from the 1/28/2016 edition of Both articles do a …

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Take My Ticket, Please!

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About a decade ago, the notion of ticketless events was a hot topic but it was several years ahead of its time. Fortunately, the technology curve is beginning to catch up and we’re at a point in time where affordable solutions that are also user-friendly for both patron and organization have started trickling into the market. Joe Patti recently touched on this topic over at Butts In The Seats via a …

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