Labor Disputes And Professional Disclosure

Several readers have reached out since the end of last week asking when I’ll be writing something about the San Antonio Symphony. All things being equal, I would write something but, in this case, I must point out the Professional Disclosure policy published in the footer that has been in place at Adaptistration for the last 15 years. Given the author’s position as an arts consultant and technology provider, he does …

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The Intersection Of Ethics, Accountability, and Executive Privilege At The Curtis Institute of Music

Warning: today’s article includes description of sexual violence. The 9/22/20 edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer published an article by Peter Dobrin that examines the report filed by law firm Cozen O’Connor into allegations from violinist Lara St. John of rape and sexual abuse by former Curtis faculty member, Jascha Brodsky, during her time at Curtis Institute of Music. The report not only found St. John’s claims credible, they found her tenacity …

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Remember That Time When Plácido Said He Accepted Full Responsibility For His Actions?

After multiple accusations and two formal investigations found a large number of sexual harassment allegations were credible, opera star Plácido Domingo issued multiple apologies. Back in February, I wrote “only time will tell if Domingo decides to make a tangible connection between regret and contrition” and as it turns out, it didn’t take much time at all to find out we shouldn’t expect much for either. This week, Domingo came out …

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AGMA Whistleblower Steps Forward

The 3/2/2020 edition of NPR Music published an article by Anastasia Tsioulcas that takes a thorough look into the allegations of quid pro quo in the form of American Guild of Musical Artists’ (AGMA) silence in exchange for a $500,000 settlement payment from Plácido Domingo. At the end of February 2020, news leaked that AGMA’s investigation into allegations that Domingo abused his positions of authority and engaged in multiple counts of …

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First Of Two Reports Concludes Plácido Domingo Engaged In Sexual Misconduct And Abuse Of Power

Adaptistration People 133

Over the last several months, two organizations have been investigating allegations that Plácido Domingo abused his positions of authority and engaged in multiple counts of sexual misconduct with subordinates and colleagues. While the investigation still underway by the LA Opera has no expected end date nor is it known if any findings will be made public, the investigation conducted by the American Guild of Musical Artists (AGMA), the musicians’ union representing …

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