A Rare Retrospective Treat

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Labor disputes and institutional crises tend to garner plenty of attention in traditional media outlets as they unfold, but follow-up articles are fewer in number. Most tend to be puff pieces crafted more by an organization’s PR department than a genuine post mortem, but the 3/16/2018 edition of Texas Public Radio (TPR) published an exception to the rule. Their short segment examines the tumultuous week at the San Antonio Symphony (SAS) …

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San Antonio Symphony Begins To Triage Their Future

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Now that the San Antonio Symphony (SAS) has made it past the darkest hour and are firmly headed toward the dawn, the stakeholders are now free to triage the next wave of challenges. The 1/20/2018 edition of the San Antonio Express-News published an article by Deborah Martin that takes a very detailed look at what the organization has accomplished and some of the challenges that lie ahead. Here’s an overview of …

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Here’s A Little Ditty ‘Bout Jack & Diane

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Jack and Diane were two all American adults chasing their dreams in the big state of Texas. Diane was independent and got along doing the best she could, but she never managed to get out of hand to mouth mode. Jack, on the other hand, Jack made it rain. And he loved to play the hero. They knew each other for years and their relationship was punctuated with manic swings. It …

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San Antonio Symphony Goes Dark

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UPDATE 9:05am CT: According to a source directly related to events, Alice Viroslav has resigned as board chair of the Symphony Society of San Antonio. A new chair will be elected during a special board meeting today (1/5/2018). Reportedly, there is a component of the board that favor a strategic direction that attempts to restore as much of the recently canceled 2017/18 season as possible. Additional details will be provided as …

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San Antonio Stakeholders Are Talking Again

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Originally, Tuesday, 1/2/18 held the potential for being a watershed day for the San Antonio Symphony (SAS). The organization’s board was expected to meet and discuss options moving forward in the wake of a newly formed nonprofit’s decision to pull out of the six-month-old successorship arrangement (details). Given the amount of potential injury associated with the dissolution, bankruptcy was an option firmly on the table. If that weren’t enough, the orchestra’s …

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