#TBT Equal Pay For Equal Work

Granted, no one likes staring down the barrel of salary concessions, but I’m especially concerned about where things are going to fall for substitute musicians once the current round of collective bargaining agreements (CBAs) become public. If early reports about The Met’s recent agreement are accurate, we’ll see the trend of shortchanging substitute musicians expand to paying incoming contract musicians less than their veteran colleagues. With so much salary pain to …

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Now Is The Time To Address The Arts Admin Pay Gap

On one hand, it’s great to see orchestras hiring back staff members who were laid off or furloughed over the pandemic. At the same time, when I speak with a number of executives it is clear they are having a difficult time not only hiring back those workers, but attracting new employees to fill those now vacant positions and the single most common reason is uncompetitive pay. It’s no secret nonprofit …

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Support For #ShowTheSalary Continues To Snowball

I doubt the editors at The Chronicle Of Philanthropy thought the decision to publish an op-ed by Vincent Robinson trying to convince readers that including salary figures was a bad thing, especially for diversity, would garner a tidal wave of pushback but that’s exactly what happened. On July 12, 2021 they published a letter to the editor from Mike Geiger, President and CEO of the Association of Fundraising Professionals, where he …

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Showing Salaries Is Finally Catching On So Why Pump The Brakes?

It’s taken a few decades but nonprofit performing arts orgs are finally becoming comfortable with including salary ranges and hourly rates in job postings. The road from there to here was long and uphill; for instance, when Arts Admin Jobs began in 2011, I included a salary range field as a mandatory item and employers spurned it as they would a rabid dog. Once I relented and removed the requirement, listings …

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The Difference Between Per-Service and Salary-Based Musicians

Following yesterday’s article that referenced per-service and salary-based musician employment, a number of readers reached out asking about the difference. To that end, I’m certainly guilty of assuming too much from time to time and this is decidedly one of those issues that can be very confusing if you aren’t already familiar with the distinction. What’s A Service? Within the context of professional orchestras, a service typically consists of one rehearsal …

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