Giving A Boost To #ShowTheSalary

During my July break, an engaging discussion took place at my LinkedIn wall about Arts Admin Jobs and whether or not it would require employers to include salary or hourly rate figures. Regular readers already know that I’m a large proponent of salary transparency and including compensation figures in job listings. But some voices advocated requiring employers to provide salary information and I agree with every one of the reasons listed …

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Substitute Musician Pay In The Age Of COVID

An article in the 1/10/22 edition of by Kimberly Adams caught my attention because it reported on growing tensions between salaried and traveling nurses. Nutshell: due to labor shortages, traveling nurses are earning 4x the pay of their salary counterparts for doing the same work in the same location. All of this got me thinking about the long-standing issue of pay disparity between core and substitute musician pay. And yes, …

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April Brings Us One Step Closer To Salary Transparency

April 2022 is the month where most employers in New York City will be required to post minimum and maximum salary figures for all job openings. We examined this topic in greater detail throughout the course of 2021 as it applies to nonprofit job openings. Nutshell: salary transparency is a good thing for the orchestra sector. It doesn’t matter if it’s an actual salary or an hourly wage, posting the amounts …

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#TBT Equal Pay For Equal Work

Granted, no one likes staring down the barrel of salary concessions, but I’m especially concerned about where things are going to fall for substitute musicians once the current round of collective bargaining agreements (CBAs) become public. If early reports about The Met’s recent agreement are accurate, we’ll see the trend of shortchanging substitute musicians expand to paying incoming contract musicians less than their veteran colleagues. With so much salary pain to …

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Now Is The Time To Address The Arts Admin Pay Gap

On one hand, it’s great to see orchestras hiring back staff members who were laid off or furloughed over the pandemic. At the same time, when I speak with a number of executives it is clear they are having a difficult time not only hiring back those workers, but attracting new employees to fill those now vacant positions and the single most common reason is uncompetitive pay. It’s no secret nonprofit …

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