A Matter Of Shared Sacrifice As Layoffs And Furloughs Increase

When the housing bubble fueled economic downturn hit, we heard a great deal about the concept of shared sacrifice. This is where one group of stakeholders won’t be asked to make larger concessions than others. While the concept was implemented with varying degrees of sincerity, groups that engaged in a meaningful approach to shared sacrifice tended to reap the benefits of improved relations and accelerated recovery. As COVID-19 layoffs and furloughs …

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When In Doubt, Do The Math

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This week is shaping up to be a daisy-chain of post topics. Yesterday’s post was on the value (and fun!) of due diligence and as it turns out, there’s an excellent article from Zach Finklelstein at MiddleClassArtist.com that makes good use of due diligence and takes a long, hard look at the numbers behind music apprenticeships (h/t Joe Patti). Long story short, Finkelstein does the math behind the revenue stream and …

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Gender Bias Across The Arts & Culture Sector

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Over the weekend, National Public Radio (NPR) published a segment on unconscious bias within the larger nonprofit (and commercial) art and culture sector. It’s only three minutes long and you’ll be glad you took the time to give it a listen. Not only does the piece demonstrate how much progress is needed before we reach parity, it reminds everyone that problems with unconscious bias uncovered in the Elizabeth Rowe/Boston Symphony Orchestra …

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Meaningful Discussions About Compensation Aren’t As Difficult As You Might Think

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I was listening to a classical music podcast over the weekend and the host, a professional musician, was interviewing an orchestra CEO. At one point in the conversation, they started talking about manager vs. musician compensation. What ensued was the normal gnashing of teeth over it being difficult conversation (spoiler: it isn’t) and all the talking point unfolded along the same well-worn discussions on this topic. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the CEO felt …

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A Quick Follow-Up On The Chicago Symphony Settlement And Substitute Parity

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One item that remains unclear in the new Chicago Symphony Orchestra agreement is whether the new fiver-year contract modified any of the terms related to substitute musician compensation. I’ve been communicating with both the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Association (CSOA) and the musicians and so far, have received mildly differing accounts. According to CSOA Communications and Public Relations Officer, Eileen Chambers “per the terms of the new agreement, temporary or substitute musicians will …

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