#TBT Donor Advised Funds Are Still A Bad Thing

I wish I could say Donor Advised Funds are less of a problem now than they were several years ago, but the reality is they are much worse. H/T to Joe Patti for pointing out the article from inequitable.org by Chuck Collins and Helen Flannery that reports Donor Advised Funds are now the largest cumulative recipients of Charitable Gifts. I wrote something about why Donor Advised Funds are bad for the …

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Planning For The Post Roe v. Wade Operating Environment

Shortly after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, companies started announcing policies to offer benefits to their employees who may need access to abortion services but live in states that have criminalized the reproductive health care practice. For arts and culture organizations, orchestras in particular, the situation forces a new subject into the growing list of social issues that organizations are staking positions, such as the decision by San Francisco …

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Zombie Topics: Mobile Phones In The Concert Hall

Of all the zombie topics people will be arguing about long after I’m dead and gone, I would put mobile phones in the concert hall at the top of that list. At a recent concert, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that the orchestra was encouraging patrons to use their phone to take no-flash pics, but only if they were sitting in the last five rows of the main floor or …

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How Realistic Are Your Budget Projections?

It’s not exactly earth shattering to say that budget projections are a squishy dark art (at best). But some of what I hear from colleagues on the earned income side of budget projections has been fascinating when it comes to the 22/23 season. While some are still embracing what I would consider a prudent approach of not having anywhere near enough data to accurately predict sales, I hear from others about …

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#TBT Counterfeit Moneyball

Since we’re on a roll this week with the idea of Moneyballing the orchestra sector, it’s worth pointing out that there’s no shortage of examples where attempts to apply data driven analysis to conventional wisdom decision making can end in tears. For example: using historic repertoire sales data for future artistic planning. Mahler Meets Moneyball? Probably Not. Now, one area I would love to see some artistic planning data mining is …

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