When It Comes To Internships, Have Reasonable Expectations

For whatever reason, Internships seem to be popping up on the topic radar quite a bit this season. Last week, we examined toxic internship environments and the damage they can do to participants and earlier this week, a colleague sent me a copy of an internship that had jaw-droppingly unrealistic expectations. Nutshell: this organization has a marketing/communications internship that expects the participant to take photo and video footage of live performances …

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If You Had Campaigns Running During Facebook’s Outage, You Felt Some Pain

Thanks to everyone who participated in Monday’s poll asking about the impact Facebook’s outage was having on your digital campaign performance. The poll generated 56 responses and based on those replies, the outage caused more than an inconvenience blip. Good news is just over a third of respondents reported that they weren’t running any campaigns on the day of the outage, so they dodged a bullet. When those non-campaign responses are …

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Philadelphia Wins The Prize For The First Big Eight Orchestra To Ditch Tuxedos

Regular readers know that musician dress codes are a well-worn topic here at Adaptistration. The latest installment was from last month where I wondered when I could use more than one hand to count the number of professional ICSOM, IGSOBM, or ROPA orchestras to remove tuxedoes as their primary attire. I’m happy to say we’re one finger closer to that goal thanks to the first Big Eight orchestra to replace tuxedos …

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Did Facebook’s Outage Impact Your Campaign Performance?

In the wake of Facebook’s massive outage yesterday, it’s amazing to see how many ways it can impact your operations. For instance, some of my Venture users that rely on live connections found the outage caused some page load slowdowns. In most cases, you wouldn’t even notice it unless you were measuring them but since we do measure those speeds, some changes were enough to trip some performance alarms and require …

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Labor Disputes And Professional Disclosure

Several readers have reached out since the end of last week asking when I’ll be writing something about the San Antonio Symphony. All things being equal, I would write something but, in this case, I must point out the Professional Disclosure policy published in the footer that has been in place at Adaptistration for the last 15 years. Given the author’s position as an arts consultant and technology provider, he does …

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